Prayers for Barbara Stone–another Illegal, Unconstitutional arrest by corrupt courts in Florida!

Please everyone pray for Barbara Stone.  All she has done is try to protect her mother.  She is not responsible for this evil in her life.  She has been wrongfully imprisoned just like Andrew, Lyle and Pastor Roger Harrison in Illinois for merely filing counterclaims in a very, very corrupt case.  Randy Robinson is still under threat of imprisonment because he is trying to protect his mother from a very abusive guardianship and “professional atty guardian” (of death)–Mary Rowan in Detroit.

Also, please find out what you can send her and if you can, send her books and letters talking about the case.  Encourage her to file grievances for her wrongful imprisonment.  The more jailers know she is a law abiding citizen just trying to see her mother and protect her from evil and harm, the more likely they will drop the method of imprisonment.

Lyle and Andrew went to court last Friday and did not get imprisoned again, despite the fact Lyle filed a Motion to Reconsider the dismissal of his counter claims.  The judges (Flannel and Broch) have threatened to put him in jail for the rest of their lives if they file counter claims against his corrupt friends who stole 1400 acres ($14 million) in prime farmland fell off the inventor of Harry Harrison, who died without issue and the property should have passed to the father of 14 children, including Lyle and Andrew.  Now Hardware State Ban and US Bank owe these children about $43 million in damages for the theft.

These are shameful cases.

Now that I am not practicing state law, though, I am going to try to help these victims all write books and get them published.

The books are on my website.  Check out Probate Pirates by Ms. Krisi Hood, Against her Will by John Wyman and others, all available on Amazon.

Gloria Sykes is working on her probate book and documentary soon.  I hope she gets finished so that will be on this website.

Take care


From Glenda Martinez in Florida

Dear friends for Barbara,

just received the information of Barbara Stone’s location after her arrest.
Robert Sarhan informed us that she is at the Metro West Detention Center, located at 13850 NW 41 st., Miami, Fl .  Robert does not know how long she is being detained for.

Barbara’s detainee number is 15014-1471. She is allowed visitors on Sundays 4 to 9pm, no phone calls and no laptop allowed.

Robert said Barbara Stone  has a Hearing Monday (tomorrow) at 9 am at the 1351 NW 12 ave. Criminal Court, Miami, Fl. at that address.

Hope some of us can help her out and bring her things, now that we know where she is.

Glenda and Alan Smith

8 thoughts on “Prayers for Barbara Stone–another Illegal, Unconstitutional arrest by corrupt courts in Florida!

    • You are exactly right. The time to do something about all of this is now. We have to get narcissists and psychopaths out of the legal profession and judiciary now.
      We have the testing methods to do this scientifically.
      In addition, we need a national law that any nursing home accepting medicare MUST do a tox screen and autopsy when the money runs out and a senior dies–or just at any time a senior dies. We have to stop narcotizing our seniors to death (Mary Sykes, Drabik, Tyler, Gore, etc.) I am so sick and tired of hearing of seniors murdered when the money runs out. I just heard from a guy in Illinois that said he worked for a nursing home for 2 years while in college and when the family money ran out, the estate money ran out and medicare wasn’t enough as far as the nursing home was concerned, then they narcotized the senior to death and called it “natural causes.” The billing department controlled evictions of indigent seniors–permanently. How disgusting.

  1. My mother, the bravest woman, has been locked away . Last week she had a “fall” and was taken to the hospital for staples on her head. No one knows how it happened. She could have died from a “fall” like that. Yesterday, I was with her and a very large agressive demented man came after me and almost tore my arm off of my body. . I never cry in front of my mother knowing the hell she has been put through. But the man was tearing at my body over and over and I cried out in pain and for someone to stop him. My poor, wonderful, courageous mother who has been drugged for no reason except others bad., who has been taken from any normal life, who has had her home sold, everything bad happen to her, tried to get the man off me, protected me as she and my now deceased my father have done my whole life. An only child from a tiny family, they protected me and I cannot do anything to get my mother out of this, I cannot protect her. please help Paula Kryszpel . She has been so brave and strong. She is someone good people would like.. We want her alive and with us. Now, every day we do not know what will happen. FREE PAULA KRYSZPEL.

  2. It is the worst nightmares .
    What they are doing to the good mothers of the small children
    What a torture . Jailing innocent Mothers for wanting the children .
    Illinois. Giving orders of the protection to sadist and recidivist man’s and jailing the Mothers.

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