More on Fraud on the Court and reporting crimes against disableds and seniors

From: Eliot Bernstein <>
Sent: Aug 11, 2015 2:04 PM
To: ‘Bill Scheidler’ <>

They are not immune from acts outside of the color of law like felony criminal or misdemeanor acts.  This is why I suggest before filing fraud on court or in conjunction go to the local PD department first and file a criminal complaint as Barbara has done against Genden.  Get a FORMAL COMPLAINT NUMBER, make sure they intake properly and DO NOT let them push you to the bar or JQC who have no jurisdiction over criminal matters.  Your criminal complaint should have:

  1. Code sections you are complaining about from Statutes, ie Obstruction, Aiding & Abetting, Fraud, etc.
  2. Brief description of each crime (usually take code and rewrite to fit to crime against you) and no more than two paragraphs.
  3. One to two of best evidence, not all, set traps if you can as you will next be dealing with PD trying to evade investigating judges and attorneys
  4. Name and address of each accused party, do not title them unless forced to, so don’t say Judge Genden or attorney Lustig, just names.
  5. Tape entire conversation
  6. If they refuse intake, move up ladder to supervisors and take notes of what they are saying
  7. The process should take NO MORE than 20 minutes
  8. DO NOT SELL YOUR WHOLE STORY AT THIS TIME, BREVITY IS THE KEY, you can add to it later and add evidence.  Telling your whole story here will get them room to wiggle out “oh that’s a civil matter” is common evasion, just say the civil allegations are in the civil courts and these are criminal statutes violations that the Civil Court CANNOT touch and demand docketing and intake.
  10. Same if you are going to fed with criminal acts.
  11. Once that is complete now Fraud on the Court is a part of criminal Fraud too.

Barbara should do another petition to have Michael Genden’s Criminal Complaint investigated according to Florida and US statutes and force PD to investigate now that she is getting run around and claims that Judges are not investigateable and “above the law” but she has done great job of documenting this and this too is a crime.

Comment: I would like to add in, for Fraud on the Court, also go to your local FBI and states attorneys and demand to file a grievance against the court and attorneys involved.  Get a case number and the email for your local FBI office’s court fraud unit AND civil and human rights unit.  Also go to the joint task force on Medicare fraud and file a complaint and get their local fraud unit.  Forcing a person to live in a nursing home when they can live at home with a caretaker there IS medicare fraud.  Killing a senior when the money is gone by narcotizing it is also medicare fraud.  Putting a senior in hospice to die without a diagnosis of an immediately terminal illness so they can be narcotized to death is also medicare fraud.

If the victim is dead, insist that the cororner perform an autopsy and a tox screen for letal levels of opiates and check for dehydration and malnurtrition or evidence the senior was starved to death.  No “guardian” or other relative can narcotize a senior to death or withhold food and water without a court order, and I have never seen anyone either ask for such a court order or any court order be granted to narcotize a ward, or withhold food and water till death.  I have heard of relatives and guardians saying it’s okay to do this, but it’s not–it’s wrongful death.

From: Bill Scheidler []
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2015 2:39 PM
To: Barbara Stone; Eliot Bernstein;; ‘Robert Sarhan’; ‘Deborah Ferris’;; ‘JoAnne M Denison’; Skender Hoti;; ‘Teresa Lyles’
Subject: RE: Florida State House and Senate: Impeach Michael Genden a probate judge who is using the courthouse to run a racketeering enterprise


It is my belief that we must focus in on the “immunity” doctrine as a “Fraud upon the Court” and is “VOID”.

The GREATEST FRAUD UPON OUR SOCIETY — the “Judicial Immunity Doctrine”

by Bill • August 11, 2015 • 0 Comments






Today we cannot sue certain individuals for the harm they inflict upon their victims because they have one of several types of immunity from suit — “propsecutorial immunity” for prosecutors who fabricate evidence and engage in perjury; immunity for officials engaged in “judicial-type” functions, such as administrative hearing officers; and “immunity” when judges give out immunity to such others as board members and other governing officials.

These “immunities” have their root source in the “judicial immunity” doctrine that was given life by the U.S. Supreme Court in its decision in Stump v. Sparkman 435 U.S. 349 (1978). And once “judges” gave themselves “immunity” they were on the hook to start giving out immunities to others or be exposed. WHY should “others” get immunity if they are not “judges”, you ask? Because the Supreme Court’s ruling is a fraud and those who engage in the act of defrauding need to be protected by others or their fraud will sooner or later be disclosed.

The first group of individuals to be bribed with immunity are prosecutors. And for good reason – although not a legal reason. Prosecutors are the only “ENFORCEMENT” segment of government that can “prosecute” criminals. Clearly if the Supreme Court Judges have committed a criminal act in granting immunity to themselves they risk having a brave Prosecutor sue the judges who established this ‘fraud’ of judicial immunity and send them to jail or at least put an end to the fraud. For this reason the Supreme Court Judges needed to expand their “immunity” to the “prosecutors”. Otherwise “prosecutors” may prosecute the judges for their criminal act in establishing immunity.

What makes the “judicial immunity doctrine” unlawful? The doctrine violates 28 USC 455, which PROHIBITS a judge or “JUSTICE” from sitting in a case in which he or she has an interest, or his or her impartiality may be questioned. Let’s ask this as a questions…. How does a “judicial immunity doctrine” flow from a civil lawsuit in which a “judge” is a defendant? Is it not true that “judges have a direct interest” in the “powers of judges”? If the answer is YES, then all “JUDGES AND JUSTICES” cannot decided such a case because they are “DISQUALIFIED” under 28 USC 455 for the very fact their “IMPARTIALITY” can be questioned due to their “INTEREST” in their own power. Clearly the Supreme Court Judges used the case Stump v Sparkman to further their own powers and immunites — an act that violates 28 USC 455

Our Society has suffered so much because corrupt judges and lawyers get away with unlawful conduct because of the “IMMUNITY DOCTRINE” — the FRAUD UPON SOCIETY.

Once again it seems true that “At the core of our rotten government we find lawyers”!


Bill Scheidler

chief activist at

Subject: Florida State House and Senate: Impeach Michael Genden a probate judge who is using the courthouse to run a racketeering enterprise
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2015 19:49:12 -0400

I just signed the petition “Florida State House and Senate: Impeach Michael Genden a probate judge who is using the courthouse to run a racketeering enterprise” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.
Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

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