Only from Texas–Can granny stand her ground and shoot?

Now I want you to know, I didn’t write this and I don’t advocate violence.  I certainly don’t advocate shooting all the miscreant GAL’s and “professional guardians” out there by grandma and grandpa, but probate blog followers certainly are creative and imaginative.

I have published on this blog (somewhere) the name of a grandpa, who, when targeted, the miscreants (court appointed jerks) showed up at his door step with a court order and police and told he had to leave and go to a locked down nursing home.  What did grandpa do?  Get on his motorcycle and smash into a tree down the block at 60 mph. Worked.  He was dead on the spot.

But what if he stood his ground and argued (correctly) the order was unconstitutional, it violated due process, the 14th amendment for equal protection, the Americans with Disabilities act and draining an estate, isolating a senior and drugging him, and wrongfully imprisoning him in a locked down nursing home entitled him to “stand his ground”.

Others argues that the Geneva Convention on preventing torture of prisoners (false imprisonment, drugging, isolation, etc.) violate that international treaty.  Janet Phelan, a renown international investigative reporter is working on that.

So what are all the laws and what if granny stood her ground? Would she be acquitted?  Apparently victims of domestic abuse are not supposed to be charged with murder when they finally get the upper hand, but they routine are, and only a handful since the domestic abuse and criminal prosecution actions were published have been exonerated–may times they were only acting in self defense.

So the Texans are apparently working on this point.  I guess if you’re going to have guns and violence, it must be Texas and it must be a senior with a gun.

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