From Ken Ditkowsky, Time to Take Action on Sykes and other neglected Cases

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Subject: No – I am not being unfair (see 18 USCA 371 for definition of conspiracy)
Date: Aug 1, 2015 9:23 AM
Let’s take a look at the Sykes case 09 P 4585.
Jurisdiction.   The corrupt jurist was or should have been well aware of the fact that 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 was ignored in its entirety.    She certainly was aware that she never held a hearing to determine Mary’s competency.   As judge she should have been familiar with the due process requirement of notice and hearing.   The file revealed that there was no return of service on Mary – see letter from Sheriff Dart.   Of course, the two attorneys appointed as guardian ad litem, the attorney for the guardian and the various other judges were also aware of this jurisdictional problem.    Naturally Mr. Larkin and the attorneys who rubber=stamped his vendetta who participated in the various panels, et al also were aware.   Certainly the panel that without a scintilla of evidence wrote that Mary’s two sisters had knowledge of the hearing are culpable as the file is clear that no hearing was ever held and Guardian Adam Stern wrote Gloria Sykes affirming that fact.
Isolation of Mary Sykes     No matter how you slice it all the guardians, their attorneys, the judges, et al were aware that Mary Sykes had been removed from Cook County, Illinois to Naperville, Illinois.    The judge who appointed Adam Stern actually received a letter from Cynthia Farenga telling her that fact.  (This is the same Cynthia Farenga who wrote to Lea Black at the IARDC (and Jerome Larkin) complaining that Probate Sharks had reiterated my call for an HONEST investigation and claimed that an 18 USCA 4 and a rule 8.3 report of corruption was unethical).   Guardianship statutes have venue provision so that exactly what happened in Sykes should not happen.
Theft and exploitation of Mary     See Gloria Sykes’ affidavit.  Mary and Gloria had a safety deposit box.    The guardian entered the box and removed over a million dollars in gold coins.   No one coin was inventoried.   The two GALs, Mr. larkin, et al have had kittens trying to avoid the fact that this action was a bold faced theft!     The claim that Adam Stern made an investigation is almost humorous.   This is the same Stern who had a 60,000 tax lien filed against him.    It is also the same Adam Stern who attempted intimidation of yours truly by bringing a Rule 137 sanction petition against me knowing that I had no contacts with the Sykes case at that point in time – except doing my 137 and Rule 11 investigation.
Cash in a mattress, bank accounts, and even Mary’s home were literally stolen.    Her home previously appraised at $700,000 was sold at a very suspicious sale for about $200,000.   It is estimated that the loot could total in excess of two million dollars – much of which was not inventoried.  Even Jerome Larkin cannot plead ignorance of the fact that these actions are terribly wrong!   Certainly everyone knows that Stern, Farenga, the guardian are all fiduciaries!    Certainly each is aware that theft is wrong!    Theft by a fiduciary is doubly wrong and when aided and abetted by a corrupt jurist and corrupt people in the Lawyer disciplinary commission it is unforgivable.
The fact that Larkin et al get their panties in a bunch when the term HONEST INVESTIGATION is mentioned is clear and convincing evidence that each of these people are fully aware of every action conducted by the miscreants is intentional and wrong.    They are also aware that conspirators have joint and several liability and Federal and State Income taxes are no exception.
Abuse of Mary.   The isolation of Mary was just one element of the abuse.    Mary as a citizen was entitled to due process and equal protection under the law.    The two guardian ad litem certainly were more than well paid to report to the Court the lack of jurisdiction, her removal from Cook County, the isolation, the prohibition on her continuing to visit with friends, family, church etc, the theft of Mary’s property and the loss of freedom.   The also were aware of the limitation on guardianship 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3b.    Yet, they protected the abuse and exploitation.
In a similar manner the corrupt jurists were not innocents – dozens of documents were filed disclosing the perfidy.   The guardian was actively engaged in the wrongful conduct and she and her attorney acted openly and notoriously.    Jerome Larkin, Lea Black, and the overpaid and incompetent attorneys at the IARDC similarly could not miss this nefarious breach of fiduciary relationship – this appears the reason than an HONEST investigation was so abhorrent to them and they were motivated to misrepresent the rulings in the Alvarez case and other cases, alter the transcript in the Denison case and assault the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights.
The Sykes case and the Holocaust are “old news.”   What is significant is the fact that Sykes is not usual – it appears to be norm!     The War on the Elderly and the Disabled continues unabated and NO ONE CARES!   The excuse is that law enforcement does not wish to second guess the courts!    Indeed, when a metastatic cancer attacks the courts, the jurists, and other judicial authorities and the infamous participants have to be brought before the bar of Justice.   The ‘cop out’ is unsustainable when literally thousands of infirm, elderly and disabled people are being systematically victimized for the profit of some venal public figures temporarily in power.
I understand the argument that you do not want the courts to be undermined –  that argument does not hold water when the jurists and the judicial officials have literally destroyed the justice system that is designed to provide a reasonable accommodation to the elderly and the disabled.    The recent awards of attorney fees in the Sykes case are an affront to civilized society.   How does a human society justify paying fiduciaries to breach their fiduciary relationship, exploit an elderly person, act without jurisdiction, and commit felonies!
OK – it takes time to garner the facts in an HONEST investigation.   The victims will all be dead before the trial commences and  – a thousand other excuses are to inserted at this point!
Every State in the Union (and the USA itself) has money problems.    Conspirators have joint and several liability.  As demonstrated above every one of the jurists, the judicial officials including but not limited to the guardians, the guardians ad litem, the attorneys and hearing officials at the IARDC, Larkin et al have intentionally done overt acts to aid and abet the conspiracy.    Thus each individual is culpable for the taxes. (Both State and Federal).
The lynch pin of the conspiracy is the fact that Jerome larkin and his cadre of willing co-conspirators as their part of the conspiracy to ‘elder cleanse’ the elderly and the disabled protect the corrupt jurists, judicial officials and public figures by misuse of their public offices.   That makes them all engaged in an 18 USCS 371 conspiracy amongst other felonies.    The Internal Revenue code and State codes tax benefits real time.   In other words hiding assets under the guise of charitable trust, approved court order by corrupt judge etc has no moment.   Indeed, the burden of proof is upon the taxpayer (in civil proceedings).
Thus, as an example Jerome Larkin owes the taxes jointly and severally with the guardian who entered Mary and Gloria Sykes’ safety deposit box and removed a million dollar in gold coins. He owes it along with the interest and penalties plus the fraud penalty as neither the guardian or Larkin reported the gain from fiduciary theft to the IRS or State of Illinois.   (if they paid it back they are entitled to a deduction – this deduction must be claimed on the 1040 tax return).
Indeed, this is a imperfect resolution, but it is a deterrent.  No one ever put a gun to the head of any of the corrupt jurists, judicial officials, or public figures who have engaged in this conspiracy and made them either take on the responsibilities that they did, or ****.    In fact, John Kass reported in the Tribune that to become a judge you have to give a gym bag with $50,000 in cash to the representative of the dominant political party.    The corrupt jurists slating for an appellate court position reported in the Chicago Tribune is a classic =
Public office is a public trust.   The guardians for profit and their co-conspirators have openly and notorious violated their public trust.   It is only fair that they pay the federal and state income taxes due on the ‘booty’ that they diverted to they or their co-conspirators.

No I am not being unfair – Democracy is not a spectator sport and 18 USCA 4 requires (whether Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court approve or not) and imposed on citizens the responsibility of not sitting idle when public officials violate their public trust.

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To: Eric Holder <>; FBI- ( ( <>; Matt Senator Kirk <><>; Len Holland <>
Sent: Saturday, August 1, 2015 6:58 AM
Subject: Fw: The hue and cry is growing

Slowly a hue and cry is developing!
Does anyone realize the responsibility that a fiduciary undertakes?    Does anyone realize that a fiduciary cannot profit from the relationship?    Does anyone realize that the compensation that a fiduciary receives is not only limited but must actually benefit the ward!    The guardianship for profit that is generated by elder cleansing (whether approved by the Court or otherwise) is a criminal act that is taxable not only to the miscreant, but all those who act in concert with the miscreant to abuse, exploit or otherwise mistreat the ward.
Every day examples of the corrupt jurists, judicial officials and other public figures using their offices to exploit, abuse and isolate people with disabilities and NOT A DAMN  thing is done to the criminals in black robes and their co-conspirators that is really meaningful.

fEDERAL AND STATE OFFICIALS CLAIM OF REVENUE SHORTFALLS!   They want more taxes from an over burdened populace – YET I do not see the Internal Revenue or the Illinois Department of Revenue at Mr. Jerome larkin’s door demanding that he pony up the Federal and State Income taxes that he incurred by his participation in the Mary Sykes, Alice Gore, ***** conspiracies!    The billions of dollars that are owed in taxes by the guardians for profit and their co-conspirators that accrued because of their participation in elder cleansing = if collected along with the interest and penalties – would make Illinois and some other states solvent again!

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