From Ken Ditkowsky–the worm can turn at any time

From an article from the UK.  For years, investigative reports of one woman investigating a pedophile ring were ignored, dismissed, she lost jobs and funding because of her dogged efforts to protect women and girls in the UK from a pedophile ring where girls were seduced and groomed, and then raped.

The police (mostly male) dismissed the allegations as imagined and/or the girls were “slags” and participated willingly in the scheme.  Disgusting.  These are children to be protected–not taken advantage of.

Now the story has broken some barriers and the police are beginning to prosecute, which many suspects are in hiding.

Fortunately for guardianships, when someone DOES investigate and the feds DO get invovled, the paperwork is all in the courtroom files.  The stories are on the internet and on my blog. Every day I collect new stories and pass them off to the FBI.

It is so bad in probate now, that honest attorneys are telling their clients not to file bar complaints against the usual suspects in probate (the Farengas, Sterns and Schmeidels and Soehligs) because any bar complaint will be met with sanctions and isolation.  Some attorneys are brave enough to say this in secret, but I hear now even the ARDC attorneys are advising that in complaint intake.

What a sad, sad event.  These attorneys know that the public’s human and civil rights are being violated and they themselves are telling the public they will be retaliated against if they file complaints.

But let’s keep on working toward justice.  I get at least one story per week, my Motion to Reconsider my suspension (with tons of new information regarding corruption) has been filed and is up on this blog already.

Let’s continue to pray for justice and truth to rule again.

And please pray for the Sykes Family, Gloria, Kathy and Yolanda.  Mary is apparently not well.  We don’t know the details, but I hear she is being isolated from former friends (me) and family, and there is “a list” of who can visit and who cannot.

Mary didn’t make this list.  Mary and I had a great relationship, but now I am isolated from her because I know they sold her home for 20 cents on the dollar, went after Gloria’s assets for their own attorneys fees, the case has no jurisdiction, they terrorized Gloria, shut off her heat when she was a tenant in her mother’s home, Fred Toerpe brutally beat Gloria several times and her requests for a Protective Order were shuffled off to a secret court room in a secret place and removed from the docket.

How corrupt can you get in a case?  Oh that’s right, a safe deposit box was drilled out by the guardian and not inventoried and all discovery was quashed and $1 million in valuable coins is missing.

So that’s why I am suspended.  I speak the truth.  I warn the public.  What I hear I investigate.  I listen to the scores of courtroom victims out there.  I see what is going on.

Jerome Larkin wants my neck he can have it.  But my advice to him, is to start investigating.  Let me serve discovery in my case for the gold coins, take the deposition of the CF, AS and PS and most of all Fred Toerpe and Carolyn Toerpe and stop quashing discovery in the Sykes case.

The public knows this is not normal. They know a motion to quash is the same as a motion to cover up.

Jerome Larkin, straighten up and do your job.  Investigate Kerry Peck for his treatment of Al Frake, the death of 99 year old Alice Gore, the changing of my transcript and the attorneys involved (most likely yours, but so what, get rid of them), the death of Dorothy Baker, the drugging and forced hospice of Mary Sykes, Adam Stern telling personnel at Sunrise to delete video footage on my camera during last year’s visit.

Stop protecting evil and greed.  Just do your job like I do my job.

I consider my suspension, Ken Ditkowsky’s suspension and Mr. Lanre Amu’s Supension to be nothing more than “Fraud on the Court”.  Fraud on the Court is fraud extrinsic to the proceeding where deals are made, the judge (or Tribunal) is not randomly chosen, but secretly chosen for a purpose–to rule in the favor of one side or another, etc.

Fraud on the Court has no limitations period, it must be seriously considered in any court of law no matter when it is brought up–first day of court, 10th day of court, 100th day of court, 1st appeal or 10th appeal — it does not matter.

Lyle Harrison is now in jail for 6 months and has no one to represent him.  He merely filed counterclaims in his case and because the Judge has an interest in Hardware State bank, whom he is filing claims against, Atty Eberspacher filed a Motion for Sancitons and to imprison poor Lyle-indefinitely.  The 6th judicial circuit is out of control.

Please pray for him.  Please pray for Gloria, Kathy and Yolanda as they go through this time of intense horror after being victimized on the 18th floor of the Daley center, then at the ARDC and no one cares.

But eventually the Truth comes out. Justice is done.

Let’s see what the Ill. Supreme Court says.  I represent about 20 or so poor and lower middle class clients who have had severe violations of their human and civil rights.  I am no one.  I don’t have money.  I am not powerful or influential.  I don’t donate massive funds to the judges (which should be banned, btw) to curry their favor.

Justice Thomas Kilbride wants more of the common person in court. Right now, Illinois appeals courts rule 70% of the time in favor of large corporations. That has to change or we are on our way to an oligarchy.

I want people this Memorial Day weekend to remember those that are victims to the court system, those that have died there without investigation and closure, to join movements for peace and justice.  This is the day we remember to save society and not rip it apart.


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