Flying the flag on a pick up truck a disatraction? No, a First Amendment right

Today Ken Ditkowsky pointed out an article where a student flew a flag on the back of his pickup truck and school officials issued him a warning notice, unbolted it and laid it in the back of the truck and told him to come back to school without it.

The outrage!

My flag is this blog, and Jerome Larkin of the ARDC has told me to take it down.  He doesn’t like what it says or why it symbolizes–freedom, and especially freedom from corruption in government.

Go ahead and ask him to disclose all of what he knows about the 6 people who died in the fire at the OPG.  I asked some older attorneys and was stunned at their answer.  Warning:  I am not going to reveal it here until the families have been informed and the miscreants have been brought to justice and publicly apologize, but they know who they are.

The families deserve closure.  Those that did wrong need to apologize and resign.

Jerome Larkin knows what I am talking about.  So do apparently Ms. Smart and Ms. Opryszek who went ballistic during my trial when the fire was mentioned.  I could not, for the life of me, figure that out.  Everyone with two brain cells that functioned from one year to the next knew that there were fires at the OPG that seemed to occur yearly, seemed to involve files storage, seemed to occur after 5 pm on a summer Friday.

Stories have been wiped from the internet (see my prior post).  A fire that within days was ruled a homocide with an accelerant was change months later to “accident” and stories removed.

The kids in South Carolina want to put flags in beat up old pick up trucks (I presume that was the real reason for the ban, the poor kids were doing it), and I have this blog and I get to ask  questions as a member of the concerned public who sees many inappropriate and wrongful decisions made in court at the Daley Center and elsewhere.

The ARDC picked on Mr. Amu because he was practicing law while black and represented poor, black, immigrant clients.  I, as a woman, a clear minority still in litigating attorneys (currently 70% of women drop out of active licensing within a few years after they start practice–no wonder there), and Ken Ditkowsky was also picked on because we do not represent large corporations, most of our clients are either indigent or lower middle class–just like YOU–the client terrorized in probate and elsewhere.

Bullies never pick on the big guys, only those they can stomp on.

I have not stopped publishing and investigating since my suspension.  I am busier than ever–with patent business and with phone calls to blog about cases in probate and seek pro bono or low cost counsel for these clients.

I am tired of what is going on at the ARDC and how the ARDC protects dishonest attorneys and goes after honest ones–only for telling the truth.

That has to end.

We have to protect seniors.  It has gotten so bad, they are killing them (Frake, Baker, etc.)

The families are terrorized and mortified by the probate court and attorney’s actions.


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