PRESS RELEASE From Barbara Stone, Esq. – They are killing her mother

RICO lawsuit filed against Florida Bar by Attorney
Whistleblower Barbara Stone, Esq.
Judge Michael Genden and attorneys Roy Lustig and Alan Stone implicated in elderly abuse
racketeering scheme.
United States — — May 01, 2015 — Barbara Stone, Esq. has
reported to state and federal authorities alleged criminal misconduct against sitting
circuit court judge Michael Genden, attorneys at law Roy Lustig and Alan Stone and
others. (Genden Criminal Complaint @,%202015.pdf
Upon reporting the misconduct to the Florida Bar, ( Florida Bar Whistleblower
Complaint @,%20judges,%20lawyers,%20prosecutors%20and%20guardians%20and%20covered%20up%20by%20Florida%20Bar.pdf) Stone was met with
a series of retaliatory acts against her by members of the Florida Bar and therefore
Stone filed a Federal Lawsuit seeking Federal Whistleblower Protection from further
misconduct and retaliation by the Florida Bar. ( FEDERAL COMPLAINT FILED @ )
Additional counts in the Federal Complaint include but are not limited to RICO,
extortion, conspiracy, breach of fiduciary duties and more—.
Attempts have been made to disbar Barbara Stone who is required by the Florida Bar
to report misconduct by attorneys and judges under the Florida Rules of Professional
Conduct Rules – Rule 4.8-3 pursuant to where she is duty bound to report misconduct
On or about April 15, 2015, Circuit Court judge Michael Genden of the 11th circuit
in Miami Dade, Florida is alleged to have made threats against a Florida Bar member
to extort them to not to represent Stone or her elderly mother or else face possible
disbarment and more thereby denying Stone and her mother the right to counsel,
denying them due process and obstructing their justice and extorting their attorney,

A motion for disqualification was filed by Stone and is pending before Michael
Stone claims an elder abuse racketeering scheme is being run thru the Florida
probate/guardian court that usurps the victims’ legal rights by gaining alleged
unlawful “legal” custody that is being misused to drain the assets of their victims,
abuse them and keep them isolated and secreted away from family members trying to
protect them. Without legal custody victims and their families have no legal rights to
health, financial or other family decisions rendering victims and their families
helpless and without legal redress. In Stone’s case she alleges her mother is being
held hostage to retaliate against her from reporting Fl Bar members who are involved
in the racket and protecting her mother. Stone has been precluded from seeing her
own mother and falsely imprisoned with an electronic device like a common
The lawsuit is entitled Barbara Stone, Counter-Plaintiff v Roy Lustig,
Counter-Defendant and The State of Florida, The Florida Bar Association and its
members including Michael Genden, Alan Stone, Roy Lustig, Fred E. Glickman,
Adria Quintela, James K. Fisher, Richard Martinez, Ron Lowy and Jacqueline Hertz,
Blaire Lapides, Regents Park of Aventura and Eddie Bruzinski, Third Party
Stone is requesting the lawsuit be transferred to Judge John Robert Blakey due to his
extensive experience and background with RICO and other criminal enterprises. His
father, G. Robert Blakey, is famous for authoring the RICO statutes.
Stone’s mother was married to WW II army veteran. Helen Stone was a loving wife
and mother and a Miami realtor who was put in an abusive guardianship.
For more information, please visit:
Contact Information:
Name: Barbara Stone


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