Glenda Martinez asks why, after two appeals, the probate attorneys continue to lie to the judge?

this was my answer:

Many connected and favored probate attorneys in C**** churn the bill with false accusations and use their clout to get rubber stamped court orders.  In the Janie Thomas case her father’s estate was short some $20,000 to pay GAL Hubbard.  So he went to Janie and falsely accused her of taking $18,000 from the estate informally.  He told her she could either write a check or it would be revealed to her church she stole money from her father’s estate. She wrote the check and shut up, no problem.  It’s been covered up and both the OPG and Hubbard were involved. The Judge MacCarthy refused to open an investigation when asked, so Hubbard got a court order, I will publish later today:

You can tell me if that isn’t a white wash over the problem.  The judge should have opened an investigation, taken testimony and determined if that really was true.

In the Gore estate, Mrs. Cooper, the daughter was accuse of taking $95,000 in annuity checks, but it was the GAL Solo who swiped them and deposited them.  A judgement was entered against the son daughter.  No honest investigation ever happened in that case.

In the Schwartz case, the son was accused of swiping $200k in promissory notes by GAL Solo (her, again) to pay her fees.  Despite the fact on cross examination no one had seen the notes and “might have been oral” per testimony of the sister, the court entered a judgment against the son, which was then sent to his mother’s estate in Florida, to have $200k transferred out of his estate share back to Chicago to pay GAL Solo so he gets nothing, but Solo gets paid.

Of course, all of this has been turned over to the authorities including the FBI and the ARDC and they DO NOTHING–EXCEPT go after myself and Ken for blogging about it because Hubbard and Solo are connected attorneys, pay people off and make campaign donations to the right people.   Ken and I do NOT believe in doing any business with a judge, and that includes making donations to their campaign funds.  Gov. Rauner recently spoke out against that and is working on measures so litigants and attorneys who donate will not walk in front of those judges.  I wonder if he gets anywhere on that one, really.  But I do wish him luck.  I think it falls under “appearance of impropriety”, just at my Chair Sang Yul Lee should have disclosed his relationship to the Madigans (father in law Matyas is partners with a Madigan) before he was Chair of my case, when I know now that Lisa Madigan is Lisa Murray–and that was never disclosed to the public nor investigated by the press.  I want to know why?  When is the press going to grow some spines and look at Joel Murray, a criminal defense attorney from New York who represented major regional drug distributors out East, suddenly quit his law practice and then bought an airline in the Midwest, Simmons Air, taking it from a handful of jets to a $100 million enterprise in 10 years.  The ROI is amazing enough to look at in and of itself.

As Ken would say, fish bellies.  The price of fish went up $4 per lb when the DEA started inspecting fish bellies in Miami.

You have an attorney, listen to your attorney’s advice in this regard.  You can still beat this, but I am not surprised they have cooked up even more of their stinky fish to fry with you in court.  Even if you win in probate, you may come back from the court of appeals waiting for a fresh mess.  Remember, it is unlike that the court will deny any of their attorneys fees, but look at what I do.

In the Olsen Estate I had $20k in fees trying to keep him out of a nursing home and his home from being sold and the grand daughters going to DCFS.  I stopped all of that.  My reward?  A 90% fee reduction while everyone else got paid in full.

in the Janie Thomas case, I was entitled to get paid by the POA Marie, but I held off the OPG for 2 years in that case because Marie took excellent care in that case and she held the POA.  My reward?  Court orders I cannot get paid.  A fee petition pending for years.  Hubbard and King in court proclaiming “we have to be paid first”–although they hand the case right off to the OPG and says it has to go there.  A court order saying my statements (true and from Marie Owens) are false and should be considered as stricken from the file (cover up).

Can I appeal all that and make things right?  No, they took away my law license and now my clients have no one to help them.

It’s all Fraud on the Court, including the suspension of my law license, but no one is doing anything about this unTruth and unJustice going on.

Again, this is only a thin veneer of respectability over coating a mass of decayed, rotten, termite eaten wood.

It’s a house of cards, waiting for the right wind of Truth and Justice or as Ken says, “Core Values of the US”.


3 thoughts on “Glenda Martinez asks why, after two appeals, the probate attorneys continue to lie to the judge?

    • What’s amazing is that Glenda M won at the court of appeals level, they did not dismiss the case, the miscreants were not dismissed as they should have been and disciplined by the court. Glenda has an attorney and I hope he or she is moving to dismiss these evil people and then sue them for damages on behalf of the estate of Col. Smith. What is going on in Florida, I just don’t know

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