The discipline of Attys Ostrowski and Bailey in Pennsylvania is not better than Illinois ARDC

Compare my recent supsension for blogging about a highly troubled case in Probate and other Attorneys who have disclosed troubled, corrupt cases and you will see a clear pattern across the United States.

At the same time the “Code of Silence” by attorneys and judges is being enforced because “attorneys and judges have reputations to protect”, other websites decry the practice (as do Ken Ditkowsky and myself) as nothing more an an excuse for a perfectly a good old fashioned cover up operation.

In fact, it’s so bad in Illinois, many have told me that the ARDC stands for Attorneys (that) Really Do Coverups (I have another acronym, but I can’t mention that one here in polite conversation).

Many attorneys have come forward with many, many explanations for mysterious events in and out of the court system.  I am my amerteur band of investigators find more and more answers each and every day.

So what does Mr. Larkin do?  Cover it all up.  And if you look at his mortgage records you can see the real reason why–plenty of cash there.

I’d like to have my mortgage paid for me too–but not at the expense of my tailfeathers.

As one of Illinois’ most perfect examples of coverups run amok, take a look at the 99 year old Alice Gore case where she was isolated for 10 months from 20+ friends and family in a locked down nursing home, and then when she was next seen, her 29 gold teeth had been pulled and a feeding tube implanted against her will–all because she ate too slowly.  Oh, she had a perfectly fine daughter that wanted to care for her at home, but the probate court would not allow for that.  (That’s why Sunrise of Park Ridge is offering $2,000 for every senior you bring them–grandmas for cash–wrong on so many levels)

Take a look at the letters to Atty Karen Bowes at Rinella and Rinella regarding the Cooper’s plight:

Now take a look at the response from the ARDC to the Coopers:

and this isn’t the only letter the Coopers have sent the ARDC.  There have been many.

But the long shot is, Alice Gore ended up in a nursing home where she didn’t want to be.  A mentally ill relative was permitted to be Guardian.  A good daughter was not allowed to take her mother home and care for her there.  In the end, Alice Gore’s 29 gold teeth were pulled because she ate too slow and a feeding tube was implanted against her will.  $1.5 million disappeared from that estate.  In the end, Alice Gore was dehydrated and starved to death and the ARDC refuses to get involved and the authorities in Illinois do nothing when the person has been murdered.

I am still calling for the tox screen of everyone from a nursing home that appears to be dehydrated and/or malnourished.

These murders have to be investigated with honest, thorough and competent investigations.


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