From NASGA — is guardianship at its core a crime against humanity?

Excellent video from NASGA begs the question–is guardianship, now at over a trillion dollars a year passing through the nation’s probate courts, a crime against humanity?

I argue that it is.  Seniors railroaded into guardianships and forcibly evicted by the police from their homes (RLVN, Gore, Wyman, et alia), or by a relative (Sykes), homes sold, personal property plundered without accounting (Wyman, Sykes, RLVN, Reichert, et alia), seniors isolated from former family and friends and “caretakers” that are really bodyguards or lootguards put in place (Stone, Reichert, et alia) and they they are forcibly drugged with dangerous psychotropic drugs so that if they did not have dementia before, they will get it in a few short months (Frake, Stone, Col. Smith, et alia)

There is a whole lot of support for what this man says.  The drugging and isolation of seniors, while clearly violating the ADA, likely also violates  international treaties on torture and the UN is looking into this right now to expand the definition of torture to cover seniors forcibly placed in nursing homes, isolated, drugged and feeding tubes implanted against their will where they are starved and dehydrated and the crimes are covered up and local coroners rarely do tox tests when a senior dies.

3 thoughts on “From NASGA — is guardianship at its core a crime against humanity?

  1. what can you do to get your mother out of her drugging and imprisonment , when the judge ,attorneys, agencies all work together to do this? it can’t be done without a judge. Who can I go to before my mother dies from what they have done to her and taken away from her? What international, national, ANY organization of people that can go against corrupt judicials?

  2. Good !!! Let the UN call this a crime against humanity and punish the guilty . Someone told me about the Nuremberg trials . Along the lines of the Nuremberg trials is perfect justice for what has been done to the victims . And also take all their property away . The pressure against this being a crime is enormous . Powerful people want to hang on and think nothing will happen to them . Pride goes before the fall , many times

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