An Apology to Jerome Larkin, Administrator for ARDC from Ken Ditkowsky

In honor of April 1st or All Fools Day

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 7, 2015 5:21 AM
To: “” , Illinois ARDC , The Disability Discussion Docket – Official E-mail List of the Commission On Disability Right <>
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Subject: My public Apology to Jerome Larkin, Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission

From.    Kenneth Ditkowsky
To:  Jerome Larkin, Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission
Cc:   all relevant parties
Subject:  Elder Cleansing
Dear Mr. Larkin,
It is with all humility that I acknowledge the error of my ways, and the my ethical lapses in first suggesting that the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission investigate Elder Cleansing and then secondly suggesting that you personally join with me in demanding an HONEST investigation of the Mary Sykes case.  (Pending in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois as case number 09 P 4585).
I further recognize my inducing Attorney JoAnne Denison to join in my ethically challenged endeavor of being concerned that an elderly woman was being isolated, abused, exploited, and deprived of her civil and human rights was misguided and wrong.    My crime of communicating such actions to the Attorney General of the United States was indeed reprehensible and inexcusable.
I was also wrong in not acknowledging the error of my ways when your counsel asked me on the witness stand if I was repentant for my inexcusable actions of thinking that a senior citizens or a disabled person’s abuse or exploitation was a subject that a lawyer should report to authorities.   The question should have reasonably clued me as to the insignificance that the elderly and the disabled hold in a modern society and the fact that God placed them hear on earth for the well connected to amuse themselves with and to exploit.   How utterly stupid of me.
Indeed, I can offer no excuses for such nefarious actions, and in particularly ignoring the inhumanity that was being done to Mary’s dog!       I humbly recognize that while I was advocating for a non-entity such as a disabled or elderly person the poor creature was being neglected and deprived.   Such an oversight should clearly forfeit my law license and the rights of all my clients!
I can offer no excuse for my lack of priorities, except,  I was raised by God fearing people who lacked your wisdom and were misguided by such obscene and politically incorrect writings as the Holy Bible, the Ten Commandments, and those authored by that ancient rabble who preached such tripe as “love thy neighbor,” “do onto other was as you wish they do on to others,” *****.
I now recognize, you are correct in extracting a four year suspension of my law license for the crime of exercising my valuable First Amendment Rights in such a frivolous endeavor.    Had I been thinking I would have ignored the irrelevant plight of Mary Sykes, Alice Gore, ***** and concentrated on the important issue – the cruelty to that poor animal – Mary’s dog!  (I am sorry in my ethical lapse I forgot the dog’s name)
It is with deep humility and sorrow I beg for forgiveness,
Kenneth K. Ditkowsky
And for those of you missing the humor, you might do well to review the writings of Jonathan Swift a few dozen decades ago:
A Modest Proposal
For Preventing The Children of Poor People in Ireland
From Being Aburden to Their Parents or Country, and
For Making Them Beneficial to The Public

By Jonathan Swift (1729)

About this text.
It is a melancholy object to those who walk through this great town or travel in the country, when they see the streets, the roads, and cabin doors, crowded with beggars of the female sex, followed by three, four, or six children, all in rags and importuning every passenger for an alms. These mothers, instead of being able to work for their honest livelihood, are forced to employ all their time in strolling to beg sustenance for their helpless infants: who as they grow up either turn thieves for want of work, or leave their dear native country to fight for the Pretender in Spain, or sell themselves to the Barbadoes.

I think it is agreed by all parties that this prodigious number of children in the arms, or on the backs, or at the heels of their mothers, and frequently of their fathers, is in the present deplorable state of the kingdom a very great additional grievance; and, therefore, whoever could find out a fair, cheap, and easy method of making these children sound, useful members of the commonwealth, would deserve so well of the public as to have his statue set up for a preserver of the nation.
But my intention is very far from being confined to provide only for the children of professed beggars; it is of a much greater extent, and shall take in the whole number of infants at a certain age who are born of parents in effect as little able to support them as those who demand our charity in the streets.
”I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled …”
As to my own part, having turned my thoughts for many years upon this important subject, and maturely weighed the several schemes of other projectors, I have always found them grossly mistaken in the computation. It is true, a child just dropped from its dam may be supported by her milk for a solar year, with little other nourishment; at most not above the value of 2s., which the mother may certainly get, or the value in scraps, by her lawful occupation of begging; and it is exactly at one year old that I propose to provide for them in such a manner as instead of being a charge upon their parents or the parish, or wanting food and raiment for the rest of their lives, they shall on the contrary contribute to the feeding, and partly to the clothing, of many thousands.
There is likewise another great advantage in my scheme, that it will prevent those voluntary abortions, and that horrid practice of women murdering their bastard children, alas! too frequent among us! sacrificing the poor innocent babes I doubt more to avoid the expense than the shame, which would move tears and pity in the most savage and inhuman breast.
The number of souls in this kingdom being usually reckoned one million and a half, of these I calculate there may be about two hundred thousand couple whose wives are breeders; from which number I subtract thirty thousand couples who are able to maintain their own children, although I apprehend there cannot be so many, under the present distresses of the kingdom; but this being granted, there will remain an hundred and seventy thousand breeders. I again subtract fifty thousand for those women who miscarry, or whose children die by accident or disease within the year. There only remains one hundred and twenty thousand children of poor parents annually born. The question therefore is, how this number shall be reared and provided for, which, as I have already said, under the present situation of affairs, is utterly impossible by all the methods hitherto proposed. For we can neither employ them in handicraft or agriculture; we neither build houses (I mean in the country) nor cultivate land: they can very seldom pick up a livelihood by stealing, till they arrive at six years old, except where they are of towardly parts, although I confess they learn the rudiments much earlier, during which time, they can however be properly looked upon only as probationers, as I have been informed by a principal gentleman in the county of Cavan, who protested to me that he never knew above one or two instances under the age of six, even in a part of the kingdom so renowned for the quickest proficiency in that art.
I am assured by our merchants, that a boy or a girl before twelve years old is no salable commodity; and even when they come to this age they will not yield above three pounds, or three pounds and half-a-crown at most on the exchange; which cannot turn to account either to the parents or kingdom, the charge of nutriment and rags having been at least four times that value.
I shall now therefore humbly propose my own thoughts, which I hope will not be liable to the least objection.
I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee or a ragout.
I do therefore humbly offer it to public consideration that of the hundred and twenty thousand children already computed, twenty thousand may be reserved for breed, whereof only one-fourth part to be males; which is more than we allow to sheep, black cattle or swine; and my reason is, that these children are seldom the fruits of marriage, a circumstance not much regarded by our savages, therefore one male will be sufficient to serve four females. That the remaining hundred thousand may, at a year old, be offered in the sale to the persons of quality and fortune through the kingdom; always advising the mother to let them suck plentifully in the last month, so as to render them plump and fat for a good table. A child will make two dishes at an entertainment for friends; and when the family dines alone, the fore or hind quarter will make a reasonable dish, and seasoned with a little pepper or salt will be very good boiled on the fourth day, especially in winter.
I have reckoned upon a medium that a child just born will weigh 12 pounds, and in a solar year, if tolerably nursed, increaseth to 28 pounds.
I grant this food will be somewhat dear, and therefore very proper for landlords, who, as they have already devoured most of the parents, seem to have the best title to the children.
Infant’s flesh will be in season throughout the year, but more plentiful in March, and a little before and after; for we are told by a grave author, an eminent French physician, that fish being a prolific diet, there are more children born in Roman Catholic countries about nine months after Lent than at any other season; therefore, reckoning a year after Lent, the markets will be more glutted than usual, because the number of popish infants is at least three to one in this kingdom: and therefore it will have one other collateral advantage, by lessening the number of papists among us……
you can find the rest on the internet, I am sure, it is long out of copyrights, so I am certain the ARDC is not interested in reproducing this at any trial, anytime soon.

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