From Barbara Stone–a simple request to protect her mother

From: barbara stone
Sent: Mar 31, 2015 2:12 PM
To: Annette Del Aguila , Luis Pino ,
Cc: Candice Schwager , JoAnne M Denison , “Peter Coen,Esq” , Mindy Marques , Adam Walser ,,,,,, Janine Gibson , Stuart Millar ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Janet Christensen Obrien , barbara stone
Subject: Helen Stone

I have repeatedly requested protection for my mother from the guardian predators who are abusing and drugging her.   My mother is being deprived of her life and it appears your office continues to abet her abuse.
My mother was admitted to the hospital TWICE last week.  What is being done by your office to protect her?
She was rushed out of the hospital the first time in less than 2 days in order that Jacqueline Hertz, Blaire Lapides, Roy Lustig, Michael Genden and Alan Stone could return her to the nursing facility warehouse where she is being caged and continue their financial extortion.
My mother was readmitted the following day because of ongoing aggravated abuse and neglect.  The same illiterate, unfit, unqualified “aides” who caused her admission continue their attempts on her life.  Hertz and Lapides use “caretaker” agencies that are grossly unfit to handle the needs of an elderly person – I have notified your office the “caretakers” are part and parcel of the abuse and must be removed from my mother’s care.  They need to be replaced by qualified English speaking RNs who are licensed and hired from a top notch agency.  Please let me know how I can facilitate in that regard.
I would again like to point out that my involvement in the criminal court was the result of a corrupt “probate” court who caused my false arrest in order to engage in their embezzlement of my mother’s assets in secrecy.  Her assets have almost been drained by this enterprise and still lives in a caged lock down filthy facility where she is drugged and abused
The “court” hands my allegations of abuse back to the abusers.  The abusers stop at nothing to remove my eyes from their enterprise so just like child molesters. they can engage in their operation in secrecy.  This enterprise has substituted their state actors, attorneys, illiterate “aides” and these corrupt guardians as my mother’s family.  This charade is so brazen that it is becoming extremely tiresome that your office continues to go along with this openly lawless operation.
I am again referring you to  the film “Eyes on Predator Guardians” produced by Janet Christensen Obrien that exposes this operation.  This film has been ranked by IMDb and is part of an ongoing series of programs exposing the criminal guardianship enterprise.  It can be found by googling the film and producer’s name.
The media is aghast by your office keeping me on false “house arrest” for saving my mother’s life and exposing this corrupt enterprise.  It is a public relations nightmare for your office.  My mother is in the hospital TWICE because of abuse, and shamelessly the state attorney is still engaged in this charade and keeping me from my 87 year old mother who is being killed by criminals, Jacqueline Hertz, Blaire Lapides, Roy Lustig, Alan Stone and Michael Genden.  The state attorney appears to have a policy of abetting the genocide of  elderly vulnerable residents of Dade County and the state of Florida.
Jose Arroyo indicated he would not be involved in the investigation because of the doctor involved.   This will request a written confirmation to that effect and that I be informed of the special prosecutor who is in charge of the investigation.
This will further request:
– a copy of your prosecutorial procedure for the investigation of elder abuse.
– the protocol you are following to insure my mother ‘s safety.
– the status of the investigation and the status of the subpoena for my mother’s records
-investigation transparency.
Barbara Stone

4 thoughts on “From Barbara Stone–a simple request to protect her mother

  1. Thank you Eliot Berstein for posting on your youtube the hearing in (2017) with Barbara Stone, you, Candice Schwager, Debra Rochlin talking about the exparte phone call she got from Judge Michael Jenden and his reporting Debra Rochlin to the Bar Association, and more testimony before Federal Judge Zolch. It is very important to hear the testimony and listen to all the whistleblower content in the testimony. Thank you Eliot Berstein for posting “Helen & Barbara Stone Federal Hearing Before Judge Zolch- Candice Schwager Representing Stones” on Eliot Berstein’s Youtube Published Oct 16, 2017

    Thank you JoAnn Denison (JMDenison) for reblogged messages

    This message is from me: Janet Christensen OBrien TV Producer of the “Public Interest Issues Show” on Seattle Community Media in Seattle and World wide on the internet under “Seattle Community Media” “Public Interest Issues Show” and “Janet Christensen OBrien Short Reels Show” and on the Internet under IMDB – Janet Christensen OBrien and Youtube and Vimeo and Dailymotion.. We need to get the Barbara Stone, Helen Stone story out. Thank you Eliot Berstein for posting the Hearing with Judge Zolch.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. We are all in this together and have to clean up the court system so there is justice again. Let me know if I can help you in any way. I write about Barbara Stone frequently and how greatly she has suffered many injustices in an effort to save her mother from horriffic abuse by the court system, lawyers in suits and judges in robes. Thank you for your blessed work.

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