From Atty Barbara Stone–another warning about the huge use of psychotropic drugs in nursing homes

And today this post is dedicated to Alan Frake and his son Gary Frake. Alan is being drugged at Sunrise and his son says he can barely speak or lift his head.  Once a vibrant, strong, outspoken and active man, in a guardianship he was quickly put in a wheelchair with undiagnosed hip pain (fall in nursing home soon after coming there?), where he was drugged and drooling with dilated eyes in days.

For weeks and numerous court appearances the opposing counsel probate attorneys (Cary Peck and Ted Rhodes) denied the abuse, then we received a report confirming the drugging with psychotropic drugs. They are obviously used as a restraint.

Barbara Stone brings this to my attention:

from a California lawyer.  In Illinois, Lea Black, Melissa Smart and Sharon Opryszek and Jerome Larkin would discipline this attorney–for telling the truth.  That chemical restraints ARE used in nursing homes routinely, the sales records are there but the ARDC does nothing, even when attorneys know of this. Does Himmel (an Illinois case mandating that lawyers report unethical conduct by other lawyers) even apply to seniors or nursing homes or probate courts? Where is the exception for those too old or disabled to speak up for themselves. Use of unwanted and non FDA approved drugs is nothing but battery.  How do the nursing homes and probate attorneys get away with these gross violations of human and civil rights and violations of international treaties against torture (isolation and chemical restraints)

Everytime the son Gary comes to court, the attorneys rush to the bar to tell all sorts of defamatory stories and fables. But drugs and prescriptions don’t lie.

Then Judge Quinn hands back the allegations of abuse back to the abusers.  Who does that?  Answer:  it happened in Carol Wyman (held down and shot up with halodol right in front of John Wyman when she wanted to go home, which was her right) and of course the deaths recently at the Hillside nursing home.  Then there are the cases

I am begging and imploring again, that coroners start to do tox screens for the elderly they see that show any signs of dehydration and malnutrition among the elderly.  These conditions are not normal.  I applaud the Hillside coroner for doing a tox screen on someone that died after apparently being assaulted with morphine and vicodin–both not needed by the patient other than as a chemical restrain.

And please, when funeral directors see signs of abuse, those HAVE TO BE FORWARDED TO CORNORERS. It is my understanding that evidence of abuse on a dead body must be reported to the State of Illinois, but nothing is ever done with these reports.

I want to know, why is that?



2 thoughts on “From Atty Barbara Stone–another warning about the huge use of psychotropic drugs in nursing homes

  1. Just received report from opposing attorneys for costs to bring mom home. $126,000.00
    per year, which included $12,000.00 attorney fees per year. Find it funny when I was doing it for $23,000.00 per year, without attorneys.

    • I hear you and I am with you. Please provide more details. Email me at and I’d love to put your story and posts up on my blog.
      Believe me, my blog is making a difference and making the courts adhere to the law and common sense in probate.
      Thanks for your comment. We need to fight all of this racketeering.

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