Must watch video–Florida’s struggle to regulate professional guardians

A mandatory watch.  A plea to get professional guardians regulated, to stop billing an estate months after a disabled person has died, to stop the fees, to stop the abuse.

The video is important.  It is admitted that there must be transparency between the court, attorneys and guardians–it does not happen right now.

There needs to be a cap on how many cases a professional guardian can handle.

Doug Franks represents–Americans Against Probate Guardians and he gives a very good summary of the present problem.

In the video, Florida senators admit “there is a disaster on the horizon” and talk about numerous disasterous stories of guardianship abuses.

The chair of the Senate admits “everyone knows there have been abuses for awhile” and that Florida probate court has become “a cottage industry”.  These are phrases that the ARDC said that Ken Ditkowsky and myself could not say as lawyers, now we have the Fla. state legislatures saying them.

One senator that says he is never in favor of government regulation, supports a bill to regulate professional guardians and admits the abuses.

But then the ARDC in Illinois says there are no problems, when consumers with legitimate gripes complaint (Sykes, Gore, Bedin, Richards, Wyman, etc.), they get either no letter or nonsensical letters, there is a huge problem.  When Ken Ditkowsky and I state the same problems as on this video footage, the ARDC says we cannot mention it, they claim there is a “code of silence”.  When has a “code of silence” ever benefited lawyers or the judicial system:?


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