From Mr. Lanre Amu–how did this happen in the US?

This is not North Korea, this is not the mideast or Egypt with severely dwindling human and civil rights!  In Iran they take away a woman lawyer’s children when she advocates for equal rights!

In the US, Mr. Amu was found guilty of practicing law while black!

’Lanre O. Amu

The Peoples Lawyer


B.C.E. (UMn,’84), M.S.C.E. (UMn ’86), M.B.A.(UIC,’89), J.D.(’95)

Lawyer Amu is Innocent, Reinstate His Law License Now!

A Call for an Independent Investigation of Judicial Corruption!

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This is a Peaceful Petition to Reinstate Lawyer Amu’s Law License Now; to Investigate Corruption in the Judiciary, the Entire Court System, the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC); and to Reform Our Court System for the Betterment of Our Lives. Given the Impact These Institutions Have on the Lives of Everyone in Our Society, We the People Must No Longer Consent to be Held Hostage by the Lawless any Longer. The People Must Organize to Take Action to Eradicate Corruption in these Institutions. Unless We are Hypocrites, Our Consciences Must Alert Us that Neo-slavery, Racism, and/or Institutionalized Oppression are Violations of Human Rights, Barbaric, and Have No Place in America the Land of the Indigenous Peoples, and Immigrants!

Judicial Corruption is a Far More Serious Crime by these Elites than an Individual’s Armed Robbery, Rape, and/or Murder, Because a Lot More People are Victims from Just One Single Corrupt Judge! To Eradicate Judicial Corruption, Judges Must be Held to Not Just the Letter, But Also the Spirit, of the Solemn Oath of Office they Took When They Assumed the Position of Judges. Judges Must also be Objectively Held to High Moral, Ethical, and Legal Standards in their Stewardships. Judges Must Have Integrity, be Honest, Accountable, and Transparent in their Decision Making and Dealings.

Have You Ever Wondered Why Our Court System is Often so Intimidating, Complicated With Legalese, Motions, Codes, Rules, Statutes, Acts, Ordinances, Case Law upon Case Law, Long-Winded, and/or Financially Beyond the Reach of the Average Joe Blow Litigant? Answer: If Our Court System is More Straight Forward and Transparent to the Average Joe Blow, there Will be Less Need for Lawyers, there will be less Expense, Less Monies Floating Around, Joe Blow Can Easily Decode Legalese, Understand Fully What is Happening, Spot and Resist Corruption! Don’t Be Fooled! Our Court System Can be Reformed to Root Out Corruption, Cut to the Chase, With Less Expense, and in Less Time! But Does the Will Exist to Implement Such Reforms? Ask your Lawmakers!

In 16 Years of Legal Practice, in Which I Had the Honor of Serving Our Peoples of All

Races, and from all Walks of Life, Concerning their Affairs in Our Courts, I have Come

A Call for an Independent Investigation of Judicial Corruption!

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Across Many Judges with Integrity Who are Capable of Reforming Our Court System if Given the Opportunity. But Sadly, I Have Also Come Across Many Corrupt Judges and

Justices Who Will Rather Perpetuate the System as it is, and Persecute Anyone Who Dares to Expose How Bad the Court System Really is! Under Our Current System, Justices Sit in Judgment of Lawyers, Deciding Who Can or Cannot Practice Law. But Who Judges the Judges When they are Corrupt? Right Now, No One! As Such, There is Virtually No Risk or Cost to Being a Corrupt Judge. But the Financial and Social

Benefits of Being a Corrupt Judge are Real! Unprincipled Human Beings Regardless of Title or Position Will Do that Which is Beneficial to Him or Her as Long as the Risks or Costs Do not Outweigh the Benefit! Reform is Needed Such that the Risks or Costs of Judicial Corruption NOW Outweigh the Benefits! That is the Key to Deterrence!

Unfortunately, Lawyers Like Myself Who “Naively” File Complaints Against  Corrupt Judges Thinking they are Working to Improve Our Legal System Receive the Shock of their Lives! They are Defamed, Ostracized, Harassed, Suspended and/or Disbarred! By Making a Public Example of Us “Naive” Lawyers, these Justices Impose a Conspiracy of Silence on the Entire Bar! Many People and Entities, Including Practicing Lawyers, are Afraid to Publicly Talk About Judicial Corruption Out Fear for Their Livelihood and/or Other Consequences Should They End Up Before The Judges or Justices! These Judges and Justices Close Ranks and Live in Denial of the Obvious. Who Will Alert Our Emperors that they Have No Clothes? Who Will Bell the Cat?

Without Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, and Accountability in Our Courts, Everyone in Our Society is at Risk of Being a Victim! Judicial Corruption Endangers Savings, Property, Liberty, and Even Life Itself. No One is Safe in a Corrupt Legal System! Today, John Q. Public is the Victim of Judicial Corruption, tomorrow it Could be You! The Next Time you see a Homeless Person on the Street, Think Twice Before You Criticize and/or Look Down on that Person. You May be Looking at a Victim of Failings in Our Court System! On the other hand, the Judge You See in Expensive Suit or Black Robe, Whom Everyone Including deputy sheriff is Rising up For, May Well be an Imposter who Deserves to be Unmasked, and Apprehended, if not in US Courts Perhaps at the International Court of Justice at the Hague! These are Some of the Paradoxes, Inconsistencies, and Contradictions of Our Society While Our Elected Leaders Preach so Called American Style Democracy, Human Rights, and Justice Abroad! Why Preach What is not Practiced in Our Society Abroad? Does Charity Not Begin at Home?

Some Examples of the Effects of Judicial Corruption:

* Imagine Being Sued for All you have in a Corrupt Legal System!

* Illegally Fired Employee Denied Justice in a Corrupt Legal System! 

*Pension and Disability Payments Can be Arbitrarily Denied in a Corrupt Legal System!   

* Injured Persons Denied Justice in a Corrupt Legal System!   

* Elderly can be Wiped out in Guardianship in a Corrupt Legal System!

* Patient Injured by a Hospital May Have no Recourse in a Corrupt Legal System!

ACTION! : Copy, Publish, and Help Spread this Paper Widely to Everyone! Spread the Word! By ‘Lanre O. Amu, the Peoples’ Lawyer,773-728-8249

‘Lanre O. Amu

4550 North Clarendon Avenue, Unit 1404 South

Chicago, Illinois 60640



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