From the Frake Estate–why is he being drugged with a cocktail of 4 psychotropic meds

All without meeting the standards of In Re Tiffany, and all over objections of the family members, and the Judge, Carolyn Quinn, just hands back reports of abuse to the abuser!

What this means is YOU can be stripped of your paid up home, placed in Sunrise Nursing Home in Park Ridge, be given these drugs–if your “crime” is being a pain in the butt:

The ward has no known drug allergies [NKDA] and takes the following medications:
Effexor (antidepressant); Lithium Carbonate (mood stabilizer); Donepezil (dementia); Risperdal (mood stabilizer); Tegretal (mood stabilizer); Metoprolo! (blood pressure); Simvastatin (cholesterol); Ducosate (stool softener) and Vultaran Cream (facial

(just for everyone’s edification, Effexor, Lithium, Risperdal and Tegretal are all basically horse tranquilizers.  They are derived from Thorazine, a horse tranquilizer developed in the 1930’s. )

In prior weeks this blog reported excessive drooling and a drool bib.  The court appointed attorneys replied, “drooling is just saliva pooling in the mouth.”  Outrageous.

At first, I was told Mr. Frake received no psychotropic drugs.  Then I pushed for more information, drugs and doctors.  Then I found out Mr. Frake was given  “some but not enough to alter his personality.”  Preposterous.  Then on Thursday I was outraged to find in the annual report, the above cocktail of strong psychotropic meds.  I stayed up all night ran to court early Friday morning to deliver the report to Judge CQ, but she appeared more concerned that the report did not have the proper 2 business day’s notice and she scowled at it as the concerns of the family meant nothing, absolutely nothing and she was tired of having to read these reports. Sigh. Glad I stayed up for that one.  So much tiresome work to produce a quality cover up.

Son Gary reported over and over how his father’s head hung quite low and his father could not raise it upon request, Gary also reported Father Frake’s nearly inaudible speech, his wish to die, the atrophy of muscles in his legs–all denied by everyone else in the court room, but Gary has witnesses.  Father Frake went from a stong, tough, assertive (sometime abusive) man who spoke his mind (not always pleasant), to someone that sits in a wheelchair all day long, head drooping, no high cognitive abilities, saying things he never said before–all on a strong cocktail of psychotropic drugs!

Of course, the court’s vermin blame dementia, but how would anyone know with that cocktail of strong psychotropic drugs/sedatives.

At least In re Tiffany had a diagnosis of mental illness. Father Frake has no diagnosis, at least not in his report.

According to Fla statutes, they declared:

28)(a) “Restraint” means a physical device, method, or drug used to control behavior. A physical restraint is any manual method or physical or mechanical device, material, or equipment attached or adjacent to the individual’s body so that he or she cannot easily remove the restraint and which restricts freedom of movement or normal access to one’s body.
(b) A drug used as a restraint is a medication used to control the person’s behavior or to restrict his or her freedom of movement and is not part of the standard treatment regimen of a person with a diagnosed mental illness who is a client of the department.

Here, Mr. Frake was never even diagnosed with a mental illness to anyone’s knowledge.  He was just a pain in the butt, so Sunrise and their docs shot him up until he shut up and drooled.

I tried to talk to atty JF, who is representing P & B, and he told me he didn’t want to talk about it.  I also tried to talk to him about how the bank–Guardian of the Estate got $69k for managing the Trust of Father Frake for a year–collecting social security checks and a few rents, paying a few bills, but got no comment on that either.  Not a good topic I suppose.

Mr. Alan Frake’s demeanor in the past was not one of passivity.  He could be hostile, rude, obnoxious and prone to outbursts.  So what does Sunrise/the court do?  Drug him until he is stripped of his personality.

The Ward’s mental condition is: Mr. Frake presents a calmer demeanor as compared to what he was demonstrating in 2012 and 2013. His anger, hostility andaggressive behaviors are absent. He no longer has explosive outbursts, and he does not make verbal or gestural threats. His confusion and loss of short-term memory ismore pronounced and in keeping with a patient who presents with a progressive cognitive loss. The ward does not speak in terms of [still] “running his business, getting
quotes or doing jobs”. However, he always asks his visitors “how’s business or how’s your business going”? This part of Mr. Frake, business, lies at his core and will remain with him for as long as he is able to verbalize. (From Annual Report on Ward)

This court’s vermin de jour connected therein, have a long history of ignoring the civil rights and liberties of any person, esp. as illuminated in In re Tiffany, and they head any disobedient elder right to the drug bottle, wheel chair and nursing home.

I have not heard the case In re Tiffany mention anytime in Probate court, so it is a civil rights case keeping the law in pristine condition because it is never used.

3 thoughts on “From the Frake Estate–why is he being drugged with a cocktail of 4 psychotropic meds

  1. While the rampant use of psychotropics is of grave concern, it is inaccurate to state that
    ” Effexor, Lithium, Risperdal and Tegretal are all basically horse tranquilizers. They are derived from Thorazine, a horse tranquilizer developed in the 1930’s.”

    Risperdal is indeed descended from Thorazine. The other drugs listed are in entirely different classes and have entirely separate chemical components. For example, Lithiium Carbonate is a salt. It is important that while we must scrutinize the use of such drugs that we not make inaccurate claims.

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