From a Probate Victim in Florida–Theresa Lyles and her story, an affidavit of terror

From Ms. Theresa Lyles, another probate victim in Florida, for being terrorized by the probate court system there, and I believe Judge Genden, Barbara Stone’s abusive judge:

I, Teresa A. Lyles, after being duly sworn deposed and states to the best of my own personal knowledge and belief hereby state the following:
1. I am an interested party in the matter of the Guardianship of Carmen Tozzo, (hereafter referred to as “My Family Member”) who is my mother and who currently resides in Ocala, Florida. and is currently being held at Memory Lane (a lock-down facility).
2. My Family Member, was placed into a court ordered guardianship on the date 6th day of June 2011 ( emergency temporary gship- Bonnie DiVito),  November, 2011 (1 51 plenary – Marilyn ‘Lynn’ Belo), 16th day of August, 2013 (2nd plenary – Carol J. Preiss), and (Andrea Wolfkill, 2nd emergency temporary and 3rd plenary) in April 2014 in the City of Gainesville Probate Court by Judge Victor Hulslander (! 51 temporary). Judge Stan Griffis (! 51 plenary). Judge Mary Day Coker (2nd temporary and 2nd and 3rd plenary). [Preiss and Wollkill were appointed though they did not have the proper guardianship credentialing at the time of appointment.]
* My Family Member’s home was paid for, she had great care in her home, and sufficient assets to continue care as such. She did NOT need a guardian, but was the target of an attack on her assets.
a. The Guardian(s) appointed were: Bonnie Divito (] 51 temporary); Marilyn ‘Lynn’ Belo (! 51 plenary); Carol J. Preiss (2nd plenary), and Andrea Wolfkill (2nd temporary and 3rd plenary).
b. The attorney(s) for the Guardian(s) was/were Monica Brasington (DiVito), Judith Paul
(Belo), Virginia Griffis (Belo, Preiss, and Wolfkill).
c. My Attorney(s): Joshua Silverman (fust and current); Nancy Baldwin (my second attorney), Zena Dupee (my third attorney).
d. Judge(s) were: Judge Victor Hulslander, Judge Stan Griffis. Judge Mary Day Coker
e. Others involved in the case were. John Ramsey. attorney appointed to my mom (not present and not notified of competency hearing); Carmen Julian and Elena Clark (sisters) – retained M. Brasington to file for mental competency hearing.
a. My Family Member suffered the following physical abuses:
* trauma bruising to face/head, cuts/abrasions to right hand/left hand;
* bruising on left arm (above elbow)/left knee/right knee;
• un-bathed for long periods of time, left unkempt and in dirty diapers (dirty/stained clothes);
* left with UTI (infection/fever);
* dehydration (multiple times);
* more than a dozen falls in two facilities;
* refusing to provide proper medical attention after falls/head injury;
* multiple visits to Emergency Room with overnight hospital stays (North Florida Regional
Medical Center, Gainesville, FL, and West Marion Community Hospital, Ocala, FL);
* withholding/discarding dentures and prescription glasses.
[I contacted DCF and Ombudsman on first facility, but My Family Member continued to
experience injuries and visits to the ER – all 3 guardians FAILED to investigat/be proactive
about continuous injuries and lied to me, and had the staff provide inconsistent information to me, about cause(s) of My Family Member’s injuries].
b. My Family Member suffered the following emotional abuses:
* isolation from family for long periods of time (children, grandchildren, niece, nephews,
* restriction from church/church members/pastor/prayer group members;
* verbal abuse by guardian (Belo) in front of paid caregivers and other family;
* locking bedroom doors/limiting access to room/bathroom at Harbor Chase;
* restriction from mom’s normal diet (food/drink);
* verbal abuselharassment toMy Family Member children/grandchildren in front of My Family Member; changing locks on home door (more isolation);
* changing/cutting off telephone; restriction of communication on any phone in either facilities;
* hiring an abusive caregiver while still in home;
* restricting My Family Member and other family with use of native language and threatening loss of visitation if not compl iant;
* isolating My Family Member in hospital, refusing to allow others to see her in hospital;
restricting any touchinglhugginglpbysical contact (cburch);
* deception about moving My Family Member from her home (“we’re going to a hotel while
we paint your house”) and moving My Family Member from first facility (“we’ re going to
* not allowed access to mail on a regular basis;
* not allowed access to finances/any of her money to spend;
* allowing abusive man (David D. Clark, Ms. Julian’s boyfriend) to be in close proximity to
My Family Member despite a ‘no trespass’ order on home/property.
c. The My Family Member suffered cruel and abusive isolation, overmedication and chemical restraints as follows:
* as of May 2012, My Family Member was on the following medications – Amloclipine,
Atorvastatin, Citalopram, Metropolol, Lisinopril, Hydrochiororthiazide, multiple narcotics. My
Family Member has only one kidney, with most of these drugs being potentially lethal were to her health. My Family Member has appeared to be heavily medicated, incoherent, and with slurred speech on numerous occasions since May 2012. [NOTE: I have been kept completely in the dark as to her medication regimen. My Family Member continues to be on two anti-depressants, and to my knowledge has NEVER been diagnosed with depression.];
* blocking the phone number of The Family Member’s nephew and his family in Miami;
* disconnecting phone number and not providing new number to My Family Member’s
• changing locks on My Family Member’s home and hiding the key;
* removed My Family Member’s bed and replacing it with a small and constrictive hospital bed where she suffered bruising to her arms and head on this bed) in her home;
• placing My Family Member in a ‘lock down’ mental section offsite nursing home without
EXPERT medical diagnosis of dementia (criteria for placement in the unit was dementia,
mental illness, and/or flight risk);
* not allowing visits for holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays) with children and grandchildren; PROHIBITING My Family Member from attending her own church;
* isolation from prayer groups/spiritual leaders;
* changing My Family Members medical providers (primary care) of 13 years to someone
handpicked (friend) of guardian.
a. My Family Member’s estate suffered the following financial abuses/loss/dissipation:
* The estate was valued at approximately $250,000, including savings/checking/value of the house and husband’s social security/law suit settlement with current value at less than $30,000;
* guardian did not have real estate license, but sold home well below market value without the knowledge or consent of My Family Member (house not flipped to my knowledge);
* sale of the home without the consent of beneficiaries;
* frivolous motions/expenses filed by Belo to drain My Family Member’s account;
* hiring a “private” sitter from June 2012 to November 2012 (employed by Belo) to sit in first facility after the My Family Member was removed from her home;
* demanding multiple emails weekly on visitation time/visitors when the schedule was the
same (done to charge $75 + to read each email);
* guardian’s fees varied from reading emails to filing bogus motions/petitions in court (making mistakes, then refilling);
* guardian filed a motion to restrict family to grave sight of My Family Member’s deceased
husband (paid herself to file motion);
* to date, I have not seen or been allowed to see any financial statements/spending ledgers either via the guardian or the courts;
* My Family Member has NEVER been in possession of Or allowed any of her money to
b. The family and rightful heirs of the My Family Member suffered:
* slander, harassment/threats of arrest and call DCF on me (at my daughter’s wedding, which My Family Member attended with guardian’s permission);
* slanderous and libelous law suit filed against me (February 2013);
* violation of civil rights (free speech/religion);
* malicious persecution and target of malfeasance;
• severe stress, loss of sleep, depression, loss of income;
* physical restriction from seeing My Family Member without court hearing;
* isolation from My Family Member with restricted visits in home (always in the presence of a caregiver) and in the first facility (only allowed to sit in a limited area and rarely allowed in My Family Member’s bedroom/outside);
* not allowed to take My Family Member outside for fresh air or walks (first and second
* restricted my visitation after seeing mom in church and hugged/kissed her (guardian claimed this was a “violation” of visitation);
* harassing a business associate (sending a threatening letter by mail) claiming My Family
Member owned stock in associates company (did not have a public company).
[Until October 2013, visits were always in the presence of a staff member/guardian’s employee who constantly interrupted and oftentimes harassed me and my children. When My Family Member left Harbor Chase, and when asked about the harassment by her and her staff, the assistant director (Edith) stated that she was ‘just doing what she was told to do by guardian’].

a. The fraud that commenced the guardianship proceedings included:
* inappropriate filing of court documents (motions/petitions);
* removing My Family Member from home and the first facility without notification to
• no hearing to revoke the privileges of the legal health care surrogate (Lyles-Harris);
* not allowing My Family Member to view her mail/financial statements on a regular basis
(done rarely);
* filing law suit against me on behalf of My Family Member (against provisions of mental
competency) – and guardian placed herself as My Family Member’s attorney with fees paid to herself for filing law suit;
* perjury in court as to “misconduct” of family members daughter;
* failure to provide consistent medical/medication information about My Family Member to
her children/legal health care surrogate;
• sale/removal of My Family Member’s personal belongings
(furniture/clothes/jewelry/pictures) from home and first facility without consent and
knowledge, and without the knowledge and consent of the children/beneficiaries;
* failure to act in the best interest of the My Family Member (all 3 guardians);
* failure to PROTECT the My Family Member from abuse/neglect (at facilities and in home);
• moving My Family Member to a facility without court order/permission (from home to
Harbor Chase and Harbor Chase to Memory Lane).
a. Judicial abuse of power included:
• no legal representation present for My Family Member at competency hearing (or ever);
* not given the opportunity to be at the hearing or be heard in a timely fashion;
* no evidentiary hearings;
* rarely given the opportunity to testify/speak in court, and ignored when I was able to speak;
* not following proper courtroom procedures (timely submission of motions/petitions);
* physical restriction of My Family Member’s children without any legal or medical
* allowing sale of My Family Member’s home without consent/notice to My Family Member
and legal beneficiaries;
* allowing guardian to make health care decisions without hearing to investigate terms of legal will or My Family Member’s preferences;
* judges giving guardian(s) power to abuse/sequester My Family Member and to isolate family (via terms of visitation);
* no audit performed by Court Clerk or by court monitor;
• appointing guardians Preiss and Wolfkill without the proper guardianship credentialing in
place (Judge Coker);
* violation of guardianship statute in Florida;
* violation of constitutional right to worship;
• violation of constitutional right to free speech (speak our native language);
* violation of the right to have a say in health care/health care providers;
* violation of the right to legally reside/maintain residence in My Family Member’s own home;
* violation of civil and constitutional rights of parties were: Carmen Tozzo, Teresa Lyles,
members of St. Patrick’s Church, Pastor Fr. Roland Julien;
* to my knowledge, My Family Member was never served with the “Petition to Determine
Capacity” nor were her rights read to her by any process server. I was never properly served with the “Petition to Determine Capacity”, and received paperwork in the mail shortly before the competency hearing;
* refusal of Judge (Griffis) to grant me the guardianship of My Family Member (filed by Mr.
Silverman on my behalf June 2011), without any substantiated reason/cause;
* refusal of my request to meet/interview appointed guardians;
* retaliation from the court/attorneys included restricting visitation (i.e., 6 weeks from June -July 2012);
* restrictions of where My Family Member and family could sit/visit;
* restricting My Family member and family from touching/bathing her or attending to
bathroom needs;
* restricting My Family Member from leaving facility with her family (needed attendant if
leaving home);
* allowing guardian to place restrictions without substantiating accusations against My Family Member’s extended family;
* approving “no objection” motions to appoint guardians (April 2014) without my knowledge
or consent;
* complaints against Belo were sent to Judge Griffis and Hulslander (by myself, Mr.fMrs.
Hernandez in Miami, and by Mr. Silverman) and were answered with further
retaliation/isolation from My Family Member. [NOTE: numerous objections in court were
made to Judge Griffis and Coker, but were denied any resolution regarding selection of
guardian and visitation restriction].
* the Advance directives in place were not honored and there was no statutorily required
hearing (Fl St 765) to rule on the Advance Directives even though they were known to the
court. [My Family Member’s legal and signed WILL was dated October 30.2007. in which
granddaughter named as health care surrogate, and myself as Executor, but courts/guardians did not adhere to document. Advanced directives were prepared by Belo and signed in 2013.]
* attorneys hired by me were ineffective or possibly complicit – Nancy Baldwin and Zena
Dupee (who literally took $3500 + for doing NOTHING) were useless, did not defend my best interests, and tried to negotiate/force me to negotiate with the guardian against my wishes and knowledge; [although he got Belo to resign, Mr. Silverman was not responsive to many of my requests.]
* The examining committee (May 24, 2011) consisted of Brian Cooke, MD (psychiatrist),
Arlene Nichols, RN, and Gerrie Scully, RN, and Carlos Rodriguez, MD (Fellow, observer. did not participate)’ who are licensed as MD and RNs. Each examiner spent approximately
~minutes with My Family Member (total time was I hour and 5 minutes). [NOTE: My
Family Member was never evaluated/tested for illicit drugs in her system or delirium.
There were no Geriatric/Neurology MD’s present, and diagnosis of ‘dementia’ is
inconsistent with proper diagnosis pattern for this condition, According to Alzheimer’s
Association – “diagnosing dementia is difficult. Becoming forgetful does not necessaril y mean that you have dementia, and could be a sign of stress or depression. Diagnosis is made through a complete assessment that considers all possible causes, including medical history, physical exam, neurological exam, mental status tests, brain imaging, and diet patterns.”
* Ms. Brasington was hired by my sisters (Julian and Clark), but Brasington was also the
attorney for Ms. DiVito;
* Ms. DiVito was personal friends with Ms. Clark – not revealed until September 2011
hearing, but Judge Griffis did nothing;
* continued personal letters and emails from Belo to Clark and Julian regarding status of My Family Member;
* personal emails and letter to Julian from Ms. Virginia Griffis – this is professionally unethical and constitutes bias;
* Belo continued to be copied on emailslIetters after her resignation as guardian in June 2013;
* Ms. Griffis being the attorney for all three guardians;
* allowing some family members visitation and travel privileges with My Family Member
(violation of court order) and restricting other family members from doing so.
* Abusive stay away court orders were issued at the request of Marilyn Belo without due
process or evidentiary hearing, and the only person that was threatened with suspension of all visitation was me and my children.
* Preiss sent a letter to Memory Lane (November 2013) restricting ONLY me from seeing my mom, and did not see my mother until Christmas Day.
This affidavit is based on personal knowledge, court documentation, letters and emails from 20 I 0 to current date.
BEFORE ME, a notary public in Dade-Miami Florida

Theresa Lyles, signature

I would like to thank Ms. Lyles personally for sharing her story on this blog, the affidavit being published with her permission.  It is very, very difficult to get these probate victims to share their horror stories publicly, even if I offer to publish anonymously.  Theresa deserves our kudos today.  Her story is also well documented and the affidavit she prepared is an excellent enumeration of the stripping away of the human and civil rights and liberties of the elderly and concerned family members who should have been a part of all of this.

Thank you so much Theresa for all your brave work. You are a heroine to others.


31 thoughts on “From a Probate Victim in Florida–Theresa Lyles and her story, an affidavit of terror

  1. Theresa Lyles stole money from her mother. She is still under investigation. DCF had to step in due to the poor treatment she was receiving at the home of Lyles. The court stepped in and requested a guardian. She is covering her tracts as an elderly abuser. I was the 5thguardian for Carmen Tozzo. She was deathly afraid of her daughter Teresa Lyles

    • Okay, your comment is out there. Let’s see how she responds. If you have evidence Carmen was afraid of Carmen, please pass it along. I would appreciate the court documents or other evidence showing Theresa Lyles is an abuser.. Thanks

    • Andrea Wolfkill, you are the one Teresa Tozzo Lyles mother is afraid of, not Teresa. Teresa’s mother wanted to live with Teresa, not in some substandard facility, held against her will. Andre Wolfkill you are a liar and a despicable disgrace!

      • Andrea Wolfkill put that lovely elderly woman Carmen in a nursing home???? A nursing home. Shame on you AW. You’re a disgrace. Go get tested for psychopathy, publish the results and resign. And I mean a real test, a PET brain scan that can’t be fooled. Not something from one of your lying tied in psychopathic shrinks you use in court to terrorize the elderly.
        Get a job cleaning toilets.

      • Thanks for your reply. Excellent. No one wants to go to a nursing home. They are gulags, slums, ghettos, concentration camps for the elderly where they are abused and drugged and locked down and isolated. Excellent response.

      • Thanks Kathleen, Thanks JoAnne. Unlike Ms. Wolfkill and her partner in crime, Lynn Belo, my mom’s first guardian, I actually have factual documentation to prove exactly what I claimed that they did. I was CLEARED of all the false and slanderous statements that these women accused me of for four years, including “stealing” from my mom.

        But let’s not forget the they were the ones that DRAINED my mom’s money of every penny, imprisoned her and isolated her from all her family.

        I was cleared by DCF (multiple times after they were called by my sisters) and by the probate courts…their own hunting grounds. All investigations stated the same thing, “no findings to support the accusations.” I have copies of all three reports.

        However, this psychopath NEVER denied that she drugged, mistreated, and neglected my mom.

        By the way, she is correct when she said that my mom stated, “please don’t leave me,” but my mom said that TO ME as she held my hand and squeezed it tightly. The place was West Marion Hospital in early March 7, 2015. When I walked into the room, the first thing out of Ms. Wolfkill’s mouth, said in FRONT OF MY MOM, was “I’m putting your mom under hospice care. She’s 95 after all.” The REAL criminal, as we all know, are these guardians.

        I want to THANK HER for putting this in a public forum, because now her words are law suit material.

        Ms. Wolfkill, I have TWO words for you….John Cheney. You better be careful that a Federal Investigation isn’t already in place for your part in scamming the elders at the two Ocala ALFs.

        You and your other partners in crime will get theirs, and SOON.

      • Ms. Lyles; thanks for you post and note that today we have a huge victory in Miami with Phillip and Morris Esformes being charged with $1 billion in Medicare Fraud. This is what drives the corruption in the courts and in the nursings homes. The US Atg Ms. Loretta Lynch is sending a strong message to all these criminals that fraud in Medicare and abuse of our elders and disableds will NOT be tolerated in the US.

  2. I have Carmen Tozzo’s bank statements from when she was living with Teresa. Teresa removed $30,000 from Carmen’s bank account. Both of Teresa’s sisters are deathly afraid of her. I suggest you Google Teresa’s name. I was with Carmen on one occasion and can tell you Teresa was verbally abusive to her mother. Another time Teresa came by when I was at Carmen’s bedside and she said “please don”t leave me.

    Teresa has a PHD but cannot hold steady employment. I as the last guardian of Carmen Tozzo have never been paid for my guardianship service s for her. Our guardianship association here in Marion County does an enormous amount of pro bono work

      • The last guardian, A. Woolfkill has the correct informations.. DCF report was filed agains ms. lyles for elderly abuse/neglect. T. Lyles had been stealing account from her mother’s account, she was not eating, leaving the stove on, door open, falling and not taking her meds. T. Lyles and her daughters were supposedly ‘taking care of their mother/grandmother’, but they also took money from her account, taking her social security from her deceased husband, and opening up a dual account with a credit card so she can take money out whenever she wanted (mother never new how to use a credit card. Bank records were seized, and what insued was taking siblings, lawyers, judges who always through it out of court. The dcf record, bank account records, and mother was never abused or neglected in the ALF facilities she was out, except for T. Lyles, Every visit caused violent and abusing interactions with health care workers, she broke the code severl times to get into the facility .This person is borderline psychotic/bipolar. The court records/dcf records are a matter of public oppinion. Also, she had restraining order from the guardian for threats and vandalism.The reason her mother had to sell her money because all her assets were exhausted by her daughter T. Lyles. This story is a fabrication and warped version because she is very sick, greedy person, and hope noone believes this warped version of her account in her disturbed mind. Do your research before believing this made up story.

      • Fine, send me the court documents for publication. This is a blog. She tells her side of the story and you tell yours. Let the public decide. I have received comments like this before, and I have asked for court documents as proof, but I have yet to have anyone send me anything. Send away and I will publish.

  3. This was the reason for the guardianship. A forensic study was made on Carmen’s bank account and the money ended up in Teresa’s account. The court stepped in. This is only one of the reasons for the guardianship. Carmen had a perfectly good will made several years ago. Teresa took her mother age 94 and had the will revised behind her sister’s back. I have a copy of both wills.

  4. JoAnne:
    I actually just saw these responses from last year. Please have the responses by these women TAKEN DOWN, ASAP because none of it is true .I hope we can do that.

    You have all the documents, and you know what they are saying is 1000% false, not one iota of truth to any of it.

    I will not lower myself to respond to anything they say.

    PLEASE let me know how I can take down their comments.


    • You don’t take them down. You publish the evidence to show they are liars or get a banker to write a letter you didn’t steal anything, and then they are the liars.

      • DCF and the courts already cleared me. That’s enough for me. They can’t produce any documentation to prove anything they say. No worries. I just had not seen this before. It was upsetting.

  5. The lawyers, guardians,dcf, courts have bank records showing how much $ Ms. Lyles siphoned from her account. She is afraid the truth will come to light, that’s why she wants to have them taking off ‘IMMEDIATELY’, She will soon be receiving a lawsuit from all those involved for slander and defamation of character. Let’s take T Lyles blogs down “IMMEDIATLY” before she gets into more legal trouble. People like this don’t deserve to make their parents last years miserable. Memory Lane never gave her narcotic, she was happy there and never had any medical issues. She was put under hospicare care the last few weeks of her life because she was in excrutiating pain, gave up on eating and taking her meds. All the staff at Harbor Chase and Memory Lane witnessed the harrassment of their staff. j PS (she was forced to sell her house because she didn’t have any funds to to T. Lyles and her daugther stealling her money.P.S. Bonnie Divito is not a personal friend of the family, Lawyer Monica Brasington appointed her temporary guardian and was a coincidence. There are only a few guardians in Gainesville.

    • Good! Write a book. But she has tons of pictures showing her mother smiling with her. Please send me the court documents you filed that she stole any money and I would be glad to look them over. Also, I don’t remove anything from the blog. I will publish a correction and you are welcome to tell your side of the story, but nothing comes off of it. Further there are hundreds of webcrawlers at night saving everything on the internet and the posts can be found there anyway. Once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever.

    • I just want to say to you sister….that everything documented in this book were from COURT records, MEDICAL records (I have ALL of mom’s medical records) and from emails sent by you and the three guardians. If you go for the law suit, I will be able to subpoena all of YOUR phone records and guardians phone records and bank records, and also bring up anything that happened during this time. Including the fact that YOUR son has a criminal record for drug possession, and that my other two nephews have criminal records as well. By the way, I have the three DCF reports where you and your boyfriend David Clark accused me of stealing money, and that I was found 100% completely innocent of any/all accusations by DCF. I can have the DCF investigator come to court as well. I will be able to bring up everything about David Clark as well, including his issues with the law, how he did damage to your car AND what the situation was in your relationship, and how you broke up AND his death. Actually DiVito said under OATH in September 2011 that she WAS a friend of the family. I can subpoena DOZENS of witnesses from our past, including YOUR EX husband, who can testify on my behalf stating how you treated our mother and our aunt. All that will be brought out in court. I can also bring in the letter where you accused me of being a drug addict, alcoholic and sexual deviant to our cousin Rosie. I can also bring up the emails that you sent Belo right before Leslie’s wedding accusing me of the same. I can also bring up medical issues that you and the guardians have, including mental disorders. I can ALSO bring up the affiliations THEY had with criminals.

      • Well, I guess that says it all. Anyone want to post the court file to see who is right? Teresa, can you do that? get me all the copies of pleadings in the court file and I will post. Thanks

  6. Professional for-profit guardians and their attorneys are profiting from the vulnerable while the vulnerable are in cases receiving none of their own money spent on them. And if a family member complains then they will be falsely accused, threatened and isolated from their loved one. Criminals in prison retain more rights and are treated better than many of the vulnerable in guardianship. Guardianship is Human Ownership and no one is protecting the vulnerable from unscrupulous guardians. It is all about how much money professional for-profit guardians and their attorney’s can steal from the vulnerable. Abolish Human Ownership!

  7. File No:01-2011-MH-623 lists 5/24/11 lists a report from a board of certified psychiatrists deming Ms. Tozzo incompetent. File No. 01-2011-CP523, noting C. Tozzo’ sale for house due to lack of funds (due to Ms. Lyles embezzling money from her account.) There are several documents listing the expenses accrued by Ms. Lyles constant harrassement of Ms. Belo and the previous guardian. Ms Lyles has several police records as well as open DCF case. In another note, T. Lyles bragged about taking numberous ‘business trips’ on a regular basis which was paid for by our mother, she went so far as to brag to our sister ‘I went to the nudist colony in Tampa again and went to Las Vegas on ‘buisiness trips,’ also took $20,000 for a new truck with mom’s money. She also made mom write a check for $3000 for her xboyfriend who was ‘investing in stocks’ which he ended up embezzeling these accounts and never paid back. As far as the pictures with the ‘bruises” several of them were made by Ms. Lyles herself. On one incident involving Mr. D. Clark, there was an altercation initiated by Ms. Lyles towards her sister, and Ms. Lyles stated ‘this is my house, get out of my house you GD Ni333! The police were then called. The police were also called numerous times at my mother’s house as well as the ALF where she tried to kidnap my mother illigally and was thrown out of the facility. I suggest you research I can also point out the ‘pictures shown were all of T. Lyles and her family, none her other daughters and grandchildren which she adored. It is sickening to have out mother’s legacy remebered this way.

    • I need you to send me the documents that were filed with the court. 1) most of the shrinks used in court are paid and are highly biased. Mother should have been allowed to choose her own doctor to refute the report. 2) If you have bank statements showing forged checks, send them along; 3) You need an affidavit from Ms. Belos regarding details of any harassment; 3) Ms. Lyles says all the DCF complaints were false and harassment of her. If this is true, please send any convictions for elder abuse and exploitation. I will have her get the letters she was cleared of all charges. 4) you need copies of the $3,000 check and the $20,000 check and a copy of the Citation to Recover assets which the guardian should have filed against TL; 5) Please get a copy of the police report involving Mr. D. Clark. It is up to the guardian to make sure that Mother visits with whomever she wants.

    • Carmen. You need to STOP all your slanderous posts because whatever you post here, is considered a public document and CAN be used against you. I’ve already sent Ms. Denison ALL the correct and documents. She knows YOU ARE LYING. FYI – File No:01-2011-MH-623 on 5/24/11 was not from a board of certified psychiatrists. This was COMPETENCY hearing that you and Elena requested and that our mother went in WITHOUT her attorney, which is 100% illegal in Alachua County. I’ve already checked. And she was taken there against her will. The 3 members of this hearing were PAID to deem her incompetent. The house was sold because that’s what YOU wanted.
      There were THREE DCF cases against me, all of which YOU and your abusive boyfriend, David D. Clark called in. The one dated April 16, 2011 was CLOSED on June 10, 2011, the DCF investigator stated ” …there is NO INDICATORS FOR THE ALLEGATIONS …and the allegation of EXPLOITATION IS NOT SUBSTANTIATED.” The 2nd DCF report was on May 13, 2011 (close on May 19, 2011, I wasn’t even asked to come in b/c it was such BS), because you didn’t want our aunt to go home and you called and said that I had been financially exploiting her. The DCF investigator said, “THERE IS NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THE NEGLECT.” The third and final DCF report on August 15, 2011 (close on Sept. 6, 2011) was because David Clark was asked to remove from physically abusive to our mother by grabbing her in the arm, which he admitted in the police report. The DCF investigator said (again), “THERE IS NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THE ALLEGATIONS OF PHYSICAL INJURY AND EXPLOITATION.”
      My truck cost $15,000, of which all of it was paid back. Mom never wrote any of my boyfriends a check, I think you are probably thinking about one of your children, because I know mom gave them month. And by the way, if you are insinuating who I think you are, then I can forward your accusations to him, and HE can take legal action. This issue was ALREADY dealt with by Belo, who was also threatened with a HUGE law suit for slander when she tried to pursue the “stocks” thing back in 2013.
      And by the way, sister, I have ALL of my mom’s cancelled checks from 2000-2011. These include the checks she gave you for your red car ($5000), and other amounts. I’ve also sent copies of these to Ms. Denison, and they are also part of court documents in Alachua County.
      If you want to talk about my PERSONAL life, I can bring out some real doozies about yours, since I know everything about your lovers and ALL THE THINGS that you’ve done in your life, including with your EX HUSBAND, whom by the way, had some incredibly interesting things to say about you a couple years ago when we met.
      What “nudist colony” are you talking about? Is there a name? That’s very interesting, Do you have the records of me being there? If so, forward them to me. I’d like to see them.
      And I did go for a conference to Las Vegas in 2009 for my job. I have the receipts and travel itinerary if you’d like to see them.

      Regarding behavior, perhaps we should contact John Markham, the owner of Home By Choice and ask him about your erratic and abusive behavior towards HIS staff, OR the fact that you and David Clark attempted to force our aunt to sign legal documents against her wishes. I’m still in contact with several of his employees, so don’t even play this card with me.
      I guess if you accuse me of saying the “N” word, which I never said, you can probably bring up the fact that your youngest son was almost expelled from elementary school from saying the word in class.
      And if you DARE to bring up my kids ONE MORE TIME, I’m going to start talking about yours. Your kids hardly EVER went to see mom in either of the facilities.
      Oh yes, the photos with the bruises on them, I went to ALL the trouble of photo shopping pictures of mom bruised. These comments really show that you are still really very angry and resentful. I also have videos of mom’s bruises…all over her body. And…mom’s MEDICAL RECORDS from Harbor Chase and Memory Lane (where they operated illegally with no license for the last 9 months of mom’s life AND all residents evacuated in September 2015) state clearly that she fell about 30 times, some of which were head injuries, and had at least 2 dozen visits to the ER at North Florida and West Marion. Her first fall was ONLY 26 days AFTER she was forcefully taken from her home and put in the first facility. You want to know HOW I know this? Because I was there, and I spoke to the doctor and nurse who attended her at North Florida ER.
      And why don’t we also bring up the private “letter” that the guardians attorney wrote to YOU on December 20, 2013, which is not only ILLEGAL, but both of you could be suspended from your professional positions.
      She was put under hospice because YOU wanted her to die. Less than one week AFTER she was released from West Marion where her medical team told the guardian that SHE DID NOT belong in hospice, she was put under hospice care. I was not ALLOWED to speak to Hospice. Why is that, sister? Your name and Elena’s name were on the “list” of family. Whose idea was that?
      Carmen, you should stop. You are really sounding CRAZY to everyone. I know that all these horrendous lies worked for YOU and the guardians while mom was alive, but they aren’t working now. People know the TRUTH about what happened. THE REAL TRUTH. Everyone does…all our family, all our friends, all the workers at the facilities. Because they know me and they know how much mom LOVED me. How much we LOVED each other.
      I’ve forgiven you and Elena for everything you did to mom. She asked me to forgive you a month before she died. She should have died peacefully in her bed, surrounded by her family. But that’s not what you wanted, was it? You just couldn’t let go of your envy and your resentments. It is STILL eating away at you.

      • And she won’t, because none of those documents exist and she knows it. Their reign of TERROR is over. They use to lie and cause havoc when my mom was alive so that I wouldn’t see her. They use to threaten to ARREST me on a weekly basis so they could permanently take away my visitation.
        However, I’m glad that all your readers can see the kind of person she really is, and the way she’s been most of her life. It’s a shame that my sweet angel mother (and aunt) had to endure such horrible circumstances, and two of her daughters orchestrated such an evil plot with the guardians, all for MONEY and greed. They got their money and they brought about my mom’s demise. But they can’t ever take away the LOVE my mom and I had for each other.
        Such sadness that both my sisters still live in denial, anger, and resentment.

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