From Ken Ditkowsky–false accusations are apparently part of the system.

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jan 16, 2015 4:32 PM
To: “” , “” , “”
Subject: Fw: Fw: here is my FRCP 17 motion

The War on the Elderly and the Disabled continues to be waged by not only a select group of corrupt public officials and corrupt judicial officials.   Attached to this e-mail is a draft of a Brief that JoAnne Denison is filing with the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission as I write this message to you.
In today’s journal AD complains that he was falsely accused of sexually molesting a minor.   He justly weeps bitter tears; however, the tragedy of his situation is minor compared to what Grant Goodman has to deal with in Arizona, JoAnne Denison is dealing with her in Illinois and literally dozens of Attorneys are dealing with all across the United States.     Let me explain.
A cottage industry has grown up in recent years.    It has become very profitable for corrupt judicial officials and their favorite appointees (also lawyers) to literally seize a senior citizen or an infirm person, place him in a guardianship.    Once in the guardianship the individual is isolated from family, friends and prior life so that the live savings (and estate) can be looted and redistributed to more worthy persons.    In Cook County, Illinois the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 stands out as a posterboard case.    Mary was literally seized off the street and removed from her home to an adjoining county.   Proceedings were of course commenced in Cook County and every civil right and human rights that Mary had was forfeited.    (Ms. Denison’s brief which is attached goes into much more detail).
Mary’s estate was ravaged as Mary was separated from her family and prior life.     The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has spared no expense to ‘cover up’ the criminal activities going on openly and notoriously in the Courtrooms of the Daley Center.     I called for an Honest complete and comprehensive investigation of the assaults on the Bill of Rights that were going on in public.    I was prosecuted for ‘ethics violations’ and in particular for not being repentant for writing pursuant to 18 USCA 4 to the Attorney General of the United States to fully expose the string of felonies that were occurring.     Ms. Denison is being prosecuted for repeating the protests of literally dozens of seniors in similar circumstances on her blog.
Assuming that last night as we slept the Constitution of the United States was repealed, 47 USCA 230 protects the postings on Ms. Denison’s blog.     320 ILCS 20/4 provides her immunity for her 18 USCA 4 reports.     According to Mr. Larkin and the IARDC the Constitution and the exculpations mean nothing!    He has decreed (and the Supreme Court of Illinois will rubber stamp his decree) that Ms. Denison should be barred from practicing law for three years.     We understand he is so upset by the disclosure of the elder cleansing that he is asking for immediate suspension of her rights.   He has previously equated the 18 USCA 4 posting as yelling fire in a crowded theatre!     (First day of trial, Jan. 21, 2014, see Record on Appeal,, ARDC v JMD tab).
You cannot make his stuff up.   AD is complaining that he has no forum to seek redress.  Herein in Illinois wherein it has been estimated that corruption costs $3008 per capita having a forum is a joke!   The fix is in!    An honest political soul is one who when bribed stays bribed!

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