Why Jerome Larkin favors those that drug, restrain, eliminate via probate court–From Ken Ditkowsky

This is from an article in the Chicago Tribune on the antics of Jerome Larkin, Ken’s comments are shown in blue.
Family of wealthy Chicago businessman told he moved to Hong Kong
Attorney for James Larkin says he’s healthy, doesn’t want to speak to family
March 21, 2008|By Michael Higgins, Tribune reporter
A lawyer for wealthy Chicago businessman James Larkin disputes that his client went missing last fall, saying he merely moved to Hong Kong to live with his second wife.
But Larkin’s family still questions whether he is healthy enough to make decisions for himself.
The family has feared for his safety since Larkin, 63, vanished in September, just months after he suffered a debilitating stroke and despite being owed more than $3 million by his former business.
On Wednesday attorney Peter Qiu showed up in Cook County probate court, saying he represented Larkin and that his client is healthy but doesn’t want to speak with relatives.
Comment:   James has a right to be left alone.    The unsubstantiated claims of Jerome Larkin if similar to the claims that he made in the Denison, Amu, and Ditkowsky cases have no credibility whatsoever outside his clout environment.
Larkin’s family reacted with skepticism to the news.
“If he is well, I am thrilled,” his daughter, Lorraine Demma, who attended the court hearing, said Thursday. “But it makes no sense that he doesn’t want to talk to his family. It’s not who he is … There is definitely a missing person here, and we want him to come home.”
Qiu and Larkin’s family now are battling in court over whether Probate Judge Mary Ellen Coghlan should allow Larkin to handle his own business affairs or keep his brother, Jerry, as his temporary guardian.  This is the pattern that all these elder cleansing cases follow.     When a few dollars reach the table, all the vultures come out to play.     James Larkin escaped a ‘nursing home’ and it is apparent that he wanted to get a far away from the miscreants as he could.    Too many victims are not able to escape.
The relatives have alleged in court documents that Larkin’s wife, Brigetta Cheung Larkin, had flouted doctors’ instructions for her husband, skipping his medical appointments and then secretly moving him out of the country without telling family members.Why would a wife have to check with greedy relatives as to her plan for her and her husband.    Apparently  Mrs. Larkin did not recognize the Divinity of her brother in law and decided on her own she wanted to be rid of him and his ilk.
The family said that when they last saw Larkin, he couldn’t drive or sign his name and had trouble carrying on conversations. They fear that without a guardian he could be exploited financially.    Indeed!     The poor fellow just had a stroke.    It is interesting that the “family “ was not interested in James’ rehabilitation but only that they would not get his money!     James if married – that eliminates the rights of sundry family members!      Judging from the events in the Sykes, Gore, Wyman, Tyler et al with a guardian not only would James have been exploited financially but he would have been drugged and stripped of his humanity.
Qiu disputed that contention Wednesday in court, saying he spoke to Larkin in September and found him to be “very healthy” but “with no trust in the other members of his family.” Qiu asked the judge to remove the guardianship.    That should have indicated to the Court that Jerome Larkin was committing a fraud on the Court and had no standing to bring the guardianship proceeding.  755 ILCS 5/11a – 7 requires venue to be in the county in which the ward resides –  I do not believe that Hong Kong is part of Illinois.
Coghlan did not rule on Qiu’s request but ordered Larkin to undergo a medical examination by an independent doctor in Hong Kong. The judge asked that a current photograph of Larkin be included when the doctor submits a report.Where does Coghlan get the authority to order a person no longer residing in Illinois to do anything.
Qiu would not comment Thursday about the case and declined to make his client available for interview.
Larkin is a certified public accountant and lawyer who founded a company that sells portable fans that cool by spraying a fine mist. He sold his share of the business for $5.2 million early last year and was paid $2 million upfront, according to court records.
After Larkin disappeared, the company, Circulair Inc., was forced to file a lawsuit for court guidance on how to pay Larkin the additional $3.2 million he was owed.
Coghlan ruled Wednesday that Circulair could pay the remaining money into a fund that Larkin’s brother, an attorney, will maintain on Larkin’s behalf.Where does Coghlan get this authority –  Circulair could have issued a check made payable to James and given it to his attorney.     It is obvious Jerome Larkin wanted to get his hot little hands on the money.    He thus became a fiduciary and ******.    I smell some serious tax money owed to the State of Illinois and the United States of America.
The family says Larkin suffered multiple strokes on July 4, was hospitalized and spent about a month in a rehabilitation facility.    We know whose nursing home housed Jimmy!     No wonder he directed his wife to get him the Hell out of there!
In a petition to end the guardianship, Qiu filed a one-page report from a Hong Kong doctor who said he examined Larkin on Sept. 29 and found him “slightly sluggish” but said Larkin’s “mental state was normal.” Interesting!     The burden of proof is on the person seeking to establish a guardianship!     The standard is clear and convincing!     The reason for such a high standard is to protect against this very type of predication.     
Kerry Peck, the family’s Chicago attorney, applauded the judge’s move for an independent doctor to examine Larkin. As the administrator of the IARDC Larkin owed a duty to the public pursuant to Himmel to report the Judge to the Judicial Inquiry Board (and the IARDC) as she did not follow the statute and did not respect Jimmy Larkin’s civil rights.    Mr. Peck was well aware of the limitations of the guardianship act and the Constitutional prohibitions – yet he participated in what amounts to an outrageous usurpation of the rights of both James Larkin and Mrs. James Larkin.
It is quite clear that this article indicates the lack of respect for the core values of America that Jerome Larkin exhibits and the disrespect for the public that the Supreme Court of Illinois has in not ordering an immediate suspension of the law license of the attorneys involved in this case.     JAMES LARKIN HAS A SPOUSE.     IT IS THE STATED POLICY OF THE STATE TO RESPECT THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE AND RIGHTS OF THE SPOUSE IN THE MARITAL PROPERTY.     The fact that Jerome Larkin has clout does not give him a veto power over the RULE OF LAW.
Ken Ditkowsky
From Joanne:
I have to admit, this is pretty much the worst behavior I have seen from the Jerome Larkin/Kerry Peck combo that seems to march in lockstep over rights of others.  James Larkin went to HONG KONG and Jerry Larkin got a temp guardianship any way?  Since when does Cook County cover Hong Kong?  Was the $5 million too much not for Peck/JeromeLarkin not to grab?  There are other Trib articles on this and on Kerry Peck, who, btw, why is this guy (and his kids)  practicing law anyway?  Wasn’t he the one who got his kids into Univ. of Illinois Law School without the necessary grades and then, to top that off, got them FULL scholarships, depriving needy (black and poor young men and women of color)?  I mean, I am being told young attys cannot get a bar admission due to PARKING TICKETS in chicago right now, and we are talking full law school admissions sans grades/test scores plus a full tuition ride.  Who does this?  Time to retire, JL.
from this trib article:
Earlier, school administrators grappled with the law school application of one of prominent Chicago attorney Kerry Peck’s relatives. The head of law school admissions wrote in an e-mail that the Peck relative’s academic record would negatively affect the school’s profile. He complained that the student “is now the third candidate that we have been forced to admit.”

“I apologize for the bluntness of this e-mail, but we are setting this young man up to fail,” law school admissions Dean Paul Pless wrote.

Then-law school Dean Heidi Hurd forwarded Pless’ e-mail to U. of I. Chancellor Richard Herman and wrote: “Can you turn this around, Richard? Please?” Herman, in turn, sent the note to Trustee Lawrence Eppley — who was reappointed to the board of trustees by Blagojevich in 2007 and has forwarded names for the former governor in the past.

The university supplied no other documents related to the application, but records show that the student successfully graduated from the law school. It is unclear who helped him get special consideration. Neither he nor Peck responded to repeated requests for comment.

Peck’s law firm, Peck Bloom, has donated $107,200 to Blagojevich since 2001. Personally, Peck has donated another $15,700. Peck Bloom, where he is the managing partner, has billed the state for more than $1 million in legal work in the last five years.

Eppley could not be reached for comment this week. In an interview last month, he said he did not recognize the e-mail or the Peck relative.

“I don’t know who it is,” he said.

The Tribune reported last month that Eppley also involved himself in the admission of a Rezko relative at the governor’s behest in 2005. Eppley said the governor mailed him a recommendation letter, and he forwarded it to university President B. Joseph White, who passed it on to Chancellor Herman.

The student was to be denied, records show, but he was instead admitted despite “pretty low” scores that worried admissions officers.

Kerry Peck is not black, btw, in case you were wondering.

3 thoughts on “Why Jerome Larkin favors those that drug, restrain, eliminate via probate court–From Ken Ditkowsky

  1. Our probate system is more blood thirsty then Ted Bundy and Manson put together. The probate Judges and probate Lawyers enjoy torturing their victims for a longer time. That’s is what I have witnessed.

    • Sadly, many would agree with you. Today I got notice that the ARDC wants to suspend me right away for writing this blog.
      I have done nothing wrong other than write this blog. I have not stolen anything, neglected anything, violated any major rules that would be cause for discipline OTHER than writing a blog about the truth in probate.
      On Mar 13, 2015 at 9:30 am 130 E Randolph Chicago, IL, I will have an oral argument before the ARDC atty discipline board and I hope you can be there to protest and show your support for attorneys that want a better and just probate system where elders and disableds are not abused in any way. Thanks for your comment. JoAnne

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