Quotes from Barbara Stone! and interesting article on “probate broker” in the UK

Seniors have become victims of the legal process. When you become old, you should not, by the action of a court, automatically lose your rights just because some family member or impersonal administrator calls you incompetent.” — Senator Larry Craig, Chairman, U.S. Senate’s Special Committee on Aging. (February, 2003)

“You are a target because you have assets. You don’t necessarily have to be very old. You can even be quite lucid. That won’t stop these predators. When it comes to removing your rights and your money, these folks are experts. It is a very rare and lucky individual who is able to regain their rights. Unfortunately, the process still removes most of their assets by guardian charges and attorney fees fighting to keep you in the gulag. “    –Money Magazine

“The current system does not work. This reality is most apparent when a wealthy individual falls victim to these involuntary proceedings and his or her wealth becomes a ripe plum to be shared by the Judge’s favorites.”— Diane G. Armstrong, Ph.D., excerpt of prepared statement before the U.S. Senate’s Special Committee on Aging, February, 2003. Author of The Retirement Nightmare: How to Save Yourself from Your Heirs and Protectors: Involuntary Conservatorships and Guardianships.

And here’s an interesting article on a “probate broker” in the UK that does “simple estates” for 3,000 EU’s.  Amazing.  He says that’s a “great deal” over the typical 15k to 20k EU’s or more charged! (an EU typically runs 2 to $1, so you can double those numbers).

Nice guy.  And nice to know that UK solicitors are just as greedy as their US counterparts.

3 thoughts on “Quotes from Barbara Stone! and interesting article on “probate broker” in the UK

  1. And I propose that we should get a hold of former Sen Craig, I think “former” (don’t know how his issue ended up with him),  or, and  with Ms.Armstrong , and several others that I had suggested back several months ago, to try to make them our ally with this abusive guardianship issue, or at least to see if they would respond with suggestions on our plight?! Sam, or Kevin may be good to address them by letter? I would love to also participate in this…

    Please let us know our ideas about this, i feel we should keep addressing anyone and everyone we can, who seems to be even slightly inclined to help with our cause. GMS  

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