Barbara Stone publishes massive attorney fees in her mother’s guardianship case with an open letter to the Fla. Bar President Mr. Coleman

Massive unconscionable fee petitions

From Barbara Stone, probate victim

Subject: Holidays and the end of the hostage siege
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 15:43:42 -0500

Thanks Rosanna for the news below – at long last, the bar association finally decided not to tolerate pilaging.
I am copying Greg Coleman, the Florida Bar president who is aiding and abetting Roy Lustig, an elder predator with a Florida Bar law license to terrorize and loot my mother and attempt her death.  Roy Lustig, a elder predator with a Florida Bar license and his cartel of accomplices walked off with about $175,000 of my mother’s money in the last 2 weeks while holding my mother caged, isolated, drugged and in a locked down facility in a feeding tube.  
My mother is not in any way benefiting from these acts that violate the Americans with Disabilities Act and Federal and Florida Criminal Statutes.
Their looting sessions occurs on a regular basis and my mother’s assets are almost drained at which time her life will have no value and their murder effort will escalate.  Then my claim against the Florida Bar will  greatly escalate.
GREG COLEMAN is an accomplice as I and many others have reported these crimes to him.  In retaliation, he is causing my disbarment and abetting my false arrest for objecting to my mother’s being owned by criminals who are viciously looting her assets and causing her death.   
I have included Gloria Sykes email from this morning to this email trail directed to presidents of the bar enterprises that license terrorist to assault elderly defenseless and disabled persons.
Roy Lustig is the perfect candidate to disbar as the 3rd DCA has already done their dirty work for them by finding him guilty of fraud on the court and other crimes.  Further, apparently Lustig is involved in other dirty dealings with charities and nursing home “loans”
What the heck is it going to take?  How many murders and lootings will Greg Coleman ignore before the Florida Bar starts to comply with their ethics. 
It is Christmas today  -my mother is alone, caged, in a feeding tube when she can eat, diapered when she can take care of her functions, drugged to be a non human although she is a delightful person, forcibly removed from her home and being subjected to all kinds of vile acts by this cartel.  
How is your holiday going today Mr. Coleman?
I think Rosanna, just like Bill Cosby is not indestructible, neither is the Florida Bar or the other bar associations who license these predators.  We have a lot of Florida Bar victims who are coming forward and the media will be out in droves.  The media is getting an understanding that this story is the coupe of the century.  I am fielding calls from reporters who are outraged that attorneys have engineered and assembled a squad to cause our loved one’s death to take their assets and property.  
Mr. Coleman, as a token of your intent to cease being a part of these activities and conduct a real investigation, could you insure that I get my mother back next week as I will be so petitioning so that she can regain her life in the new year.
To my beautiful mom, I know the struggle you take on every day because you are holding on with all your might to come home to me.   This terror era is coming to an end and I look forward to giving you a million kisses and hugs and your being safe with your family for the new year.

2 thoughts on “Barbara Stone publishes massive attorney fees in her mother’s guardianship case with an open letter to the Fla. Bar President Mr. Coleman

  1. When the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance;
    when the church governs, he is ruled by superstition;
    and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear.
    Before men can live together in harmony and understanding,
    ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom,
    superstition into an illumined faith,
    and fear into love……..
    God be with us!

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