From Barbara Stone–stop helping the criminals!

From: Barbara Stone <>
Sent: Dec 20, 2014 3:34 PM
To: Kenneth Ditkowsky <>, Eric Holder <>, Probate Sharks <>, Tim Lahrman <>, “” <>, Nasga Us <>, “J. Ditkowsky” <>, Matt Senator Kirk <>, FBI- <>, Chicago FBI <>, …
Subject: RE: Urgent – Alan’s Health, Welfare and Life

The attorneys and judges involved in these torture tactics are beyond the garden variety of criminals with a Bar license who steal, embezzle, sabotage and create deranged scenarios to assault and freedom and endanger our loved ones and us.

These attorneys are terrorists with a Bar license with are engaged in warfare tactics against our families.  The judges are mobsters.  

I was  terrorized in a hearing yesterday by the judge and attorney and the adult predators who own my mother.  They embezzled her assets in a mock hearing that did not even pretend to be anything other than lawless.  I was told to be silent and repeatedly threatened with contempt.  I was fearful I would be held in contempt.  The judge refused to provide his oath of office.  I was the victim of terror tactics that are used against criminals.  He brought in his bailiff and the security. These was one of me and about 10 of them. I was removed from the room and not allowed to leave voluntarily.  THESE TACTIC HAVE ESCALLATED BECAUSE WE ARE SILENT AND BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN SWEPT UNDER THE RUG FOR YEARS.

GM, I am traumatized and haunted by what is going on in my matter and yours and the torture of our loved ones.  These acts by judges and attorneys ARE WAR CRIMES, crimes against humanity.

WE MUST PUT TOGETHER A REQUEST FOR INDICTMENTS – we are fighting a war against murderers.   No one will do it for us

 So I have no use for the “balanced” politically correct cordial letters that are being sentThat just empowers them to commit CRIMES.  And it greatly harms those of us who have living relatives as it abets their abuse by CRIMINALS.   

We are dealing with CRIMINALS.  All of them –

So I ask the people who are sending the cordial letters to criminal to stop this conduct of abetting their crimes.  AND GET THEM HAULED OFF TO JAIL.

We need to file formal complaints with the police, DOJ, FBI, etc – each of us need to have our own specific charges.  Ken, I appreciate the letter you provided for charges to be files with DOJ.  It only works if the charges are filed.  I and others have spent the whole day today dealing with the criminal acts of attorneys and will be filing charges.  I will be refining the letter and will be back to everyone asap.


3 thoughts on “From Barbara Stone–stop helping the criminals!

  1. I can tell you this, If you and I were doing this to THEM, they would put a STOP to it yesterday…You can take that to the BANK..

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