From Janet Phelan–Got Free Speech to out corruption? Not if you are an Ilinois Attorney!

Janet does an excellent job of summing up my case.  As in Lanre Amu’s case, at every twist and turn, I was told “do not litigate Sykes”, WE will determine what happened in Sykes, then we will invite the miscreants as honored guests to say things such as:

1) my career has been ruined because Google puts HER articles at the top (and not my BS awards) (Peter Schmeidel, Cynthia Farenga and Adam Stern) well, do something charitable, kindly or saintly, write an article about it or get a reporter to do it and then get people to click on it.  As with all things on Google, your skeletons will move to the forgotten back pages of Google.

2) the blog is a pack of lies (without pointing out any specific lie)

3) I don’t like what is written on the blog (if don’t like what is written post a correction comment, believe me, it will be posted.  Bev Cooper has repeated invited ANYONE part of probate on their blog or my blog or NASGA’s Most Wanted list to appear on her show and not a single probate attorney on that list has appeared.  But, Judy Barr Topinka did, rest her soul).

4) She can’t say just anything (Quote Melissa Smart, ARDC litigation attorney).  Protection of political speech is the hallmark of the US. We consistently chastise other countries (China, N. Korea, mideastern courntries) for disbarring lawyers (Iraq), imprisoning those critical of government (N. Korea and China), and the ARDC’s actions makes up squarely hypocritical in the eyes of the world.  My blog has plenty of clicks on it from the Mideast and Asia and even Russia.  I’m sure they’re laughing.  I get emails from around the world, and yes, directly people email me that they have the same problems in their country and the US is just a bunch of bullying hypocrites.   Like it or not, JL, your actions in MY case reverberate around the world.  Most certainly with the New Eastern Outlook Article by Janet Phelan.  Each of her articles gets a minimum of 1 million clicks, she gets paid by the click, and prior articles on myself and Ken Ditkowsky receive 1 million click times X.  All you are doing is making activist reporters drawn to this content–the content you create–crushing internal dissent in the US.

5) And I’m not even sure if the litigation attorneys at the ARDC realize that Ken and I and Mr. Amu won’t back down.  We don’t want the courts to be like this. We do not want corruption to prevail in the Illinois Courts.

6)  Change the definition of corruption from “a deviation from laws, morals or ethics” to Greylord type bribery and then say I said on this blog the attorneys received cash in the courtroom.  How preposterous.  Even the witnesses argued with the tribunal on that one.  Corruption IS a deviation from laws, morals or ethics.  1) lack of jurisdiction–no service on Mary or her elderly sisters; 2) failing to follow 1401 when illegally seizing Gloria’s $200,000 to give to attorneys. 3)  Liquidating all of Mary’s assets on the premise she needs the money for her care, and then handing it all over to the attorneys on the case, 4) PS saying he didn’t have to file a fee petition when in reality the 18th floor is forcing all attorneys to do so, even those under a Power of Attorney (Janie Thomas case), plus the estate has been comingled with the trust the house was held in, so a fee petition would be proper.  I will go pull fee petitions this week and publish.  Where did Mary’s $350,000 from her home and from Gloria’s accounts exactly go to? 5) terminating heat where Gloria lived in contravention to the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance–see the list of the Famous Table of Torts.

I had witnesses ready to go, Gloria appeared and was turned down.  I don’t want to violate the Illinois Reporter’s Shield Law and she should have been able to appear and claim that and only turn over the emails she wanted.  I cannot force a witness to violate Illinois Law.

And yet they persist.  I dropped off my exceptions of Friday, Dec. 12, 2014, and right on that day they issed the briefing schedule and they issued to me a record on appeal. Now the ARDC has never been 1) electronic (that was most of the pretrial fight they claim I aggravated their work, seriously? pretrial has to be conducted circa 1960?) 2) prompt in issuing anything, but we’ll see.

A 65 page decision requires a thorough brief.

1) Why did the ARDC quash all my discovery, refused to properly my Answers to Admit, but they say I acted improperly during discovery?  These are all traditional Discovery safeguards available in all the Illinois courtrooms–Except the Sykes case.

2) Why did the ARDC refuse my expert witnesses on blogging–Bev and Ken Cooper from Probate Sharks, Sylvia Rudek from NASGA, John Howard Wyman for his website and book about his experiences in Probate–the ARDC moved to quash them?

3)  No witnesses, no discovery means the ARDC is engaging in the same tactics where they protect certain favored attorneys and then make up nonsense to viciously go after any whistleblowers that are out there.  How can PS, AS and CF possibly charge a client a single dime to a family when they know, but do not warn: 1)  the accused ward with have restricted access to an attorneys and that attorney will come from a “secret list” and their former attorneys they have come to love and trust (Sykes case) will be threatened with sanctions and/or disbarred (Denison and Ditkowsky); 2) the accused ward will not received a Summons or a Notice of Rights in accordance with Illinois law (Sykes, Bedin, Wyman, etc.), the family members will not be notified in accordance with Illinois law (Sykes, Bedin, Wyman, etc.); 3) discovery will be quashed (Sykes, Bedin, Wyman); 4) a hearing will not take place (LDL, Wyman) or just a few controlled questions can be asked (Sykes) in a done deal (Sykes) and if the personal physician will not certify incompetency, the GAL will be told to “find a doctor” that will (Sykes); the person will be isolated from 20+ former friends and family and will NOT engage in former activities, in contravention to the Illinois Probate Act (Sykes, Wyman) (Bedin threatened to be placed in a dangerous South Side nursing home and isolated); ward isolated (Frake, Thomas); forced feeding tube so a bag can be hung twice per day (Tyler, Gore); 29 gold teeth pulled and a forced feeding tube because ward took a long time to eat (Gore)– you get the picture.

If you complain to the ARDC, what responses do you get (published elsewhere on this blog); Sykes–Adam Stern is now Gloria’s guardian; Gore – we find no problems with pulling 29 gold teeth; Wyman, no response, many, many cases get no response or one that makes no sense.

I tell every to write a letter to the ARDC, except no response and then forward it to the FBI.  Eventually they will clean that house.  They already have no ethics reporting mandated under the Illinois Ethics Act of 2009 for years and years–that should do the trick.

We’re waiting, we’re all waiting.


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