Entire Record on Appeal–now availbe ARDC v. JMD

the trial transcript starts on p. 311.


this will be used for my brief.  Let me know if there are any volunteer attorneys out there willing to write my brief and that would help me very much because I am very, very, very busy helping probate victims.

writing the brief should be very easy because we have all the case law, you will learn a whole lot about first amendment rights, and it’s merely a matter of assembling together the brief.



PS–for all of my mutterings during pretrial about the ARDC getting organized electronically and moving into the 21st century, I dropped off my exceptions today and my assistant (volunteer, thank to Susan, very, very much) was handed the entire Record on Appeal!  Very good.  A hundred gold stars to the clerks of the ARDC today for that.

Now, if they can only get it on gdrive or drop box, a next step.

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