From Ken Ditkowsky–nuts to be armed with the law in the face of corruption?

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To: Dr. Sam Sugar <>
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2014 8:47 AM
Subject: Re: A Thanksgiving letter to victims of guardianship
I hope you are right.   This fiasco that Barbara Stone is involved in i.e. criminal prosecution for demanding that the Florida Statutes be complied with, is insane.    Barbara has been driven to hysteria and is not making the best of impressions; however, law enforcement professionals have seen a zillion ordinary individuals ***
I’ve been writing to the Justice Department concerning her case in the hope that a visit from a Federal investigator will create enough consternation that one of the judges would read the GD statute.    
Having dealt with the legal system on a daily basis for more than 1/2 a century I doubt that most of the miscreants worry about our collective mental state one way or another.    In my pre-lawyer days I worked for a real estate firm that purchased property – if you were interested in moving your industrial plant to Chicago you saw us.  if you were developing a shopping center you saw us.  In the course of business we hired lawyers all over the US.
My employer came to me one day, after another disastrous encounter with yet another lawyer who did not know his ass from a hole in the ground, and informed me that one of us was going to law school.  (When you purchase real estate you have to obtain a marketable title.   When a key parcel in the development has a bunch of unknown heirs their interest has to be addressed.  I hate to tell you how many lawyers we encountered who did not know what to do at that point.   (I made a ‘deal’ with Chicago Title and Trust Company to accept a title indemnity so we did not have to wait for what could be years of litigation).
The legal profession had no interest in this device for years.   Bob Kratovil pioneered it and even today there are lawyers who never heard of it.  In a similar manner the legal profession fell down in the recent real estate crisis in Florida wherein the foreclosure courts were run even more roughshot than the traffic courts.
Benign neglect is the credo of my profession.
Anyhow – it appears that you are making some progress (slow but forward) and the noise level is raising.   My lack of effectiveness is frustrating.   The law is abundantly clear and it should be obvious to every lawyer and every judge that ‘elder cleansing’ is not only a serious problem, but it threatens each and every one of us personally.    No one is immune from getting old and/or infirm.   Every one of us can be a victim one way or another and wind up in Helen Stone’s situation or Barbara Stone’s situation.
Even the predators cannot rest easy.   They have to realize that at some point in time they each have personal culpability.    Each guardian – whether for profit or otherwise – is a fiduciary.    Fiduciary consideration is not measured in the number of hours spent – it is measured in terms of benefit to the ward and whether the service (and charge) is reasonable and necessary.   The ADA standard of “reasonable accommodation” is very relevant.   Therefore, a claim exists for all the “excess charges.”
Incidental benefits are taxable as ‘ordinary income’ and not reporting them is felony tax evasion.
 Take a look at 18 USCA 371.    It is applicable to these cases.
Yes, I may be a ‘nut’ but I am a nut armed with the law and I have every intention of making a great deal of noise until I am satisfied that there is equal protection for the law for the targets of ‘elder cleansing’ and their families and friends.   I do not have the clout that I once had as so many of my group are on the other side of Terra firma ****

2 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky–nuts to be armed with the law in the face of corruption?

  1. This all adds up to white collar crimes. Under the disguised of caring for others. People have created their own monster.. Now we can’t kill it.

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