From the award winning Jane Stillwater–her congratulations on my ARDC demise

Apparently from the emails I got this morning, I have made the big time among those hated, despised, persecuted unfairly and tormented by miscreants and felons with dozens of emails of congratulations.

From Jane Stillwater, famous author and blog writer:

Giving thanks that I’m not a wealthy widow in Chicago!
     By Jane Stillwater
     “It’s not easy being old,” to paraphrase a song by Kermit the Frog.  There aren’t all that many perqs.  Your teeth fall out.  Your joints freeze up.  And say goodbye to your sex life, no matter what they say about Viagra.  No one invites you to parties any more and you can no longer Twerk.  But having enough money to make you comfortable in your old age can help make up for a lot of all those various aches and pains associated with old age.
     Unless of course you are an elderly widow living in Chicago and have over one hundred K in your bank account.  And if that is you, then getting old really sucks eggs.
     “But, Jane,” you might ask, “why is that?”
      Well, let me tell you.  I assume that you’ve heard of ambulance-chasing lawyers before?  Well, apparently in Chicago there are rich-widow-chasing lawyers too.  These heartless scoundrels actually go out and scour through city and county tax and real estate records until they find clues to locating home-owning yet vulnerable senior citizens — and then they move in for the kill.
     First they have their target victims declared incompetent.  Not all that hard to do when you have Chicago probate courts helping you out.  Then they get themselves appointed Guardian ad Litems for these vulnerable wealthy widows.  And then the fun part begins.
     “First they pop these poor souls into rest homes where they are warehoused, starved, fed tranquilizers and ignored,” said one family member whose mother had been victimized in Chicago.  “Then they sell their victimss home, empty their bank accounts and pocket the profits — calling these ill-begotten gains their ‘fees’ for services rendered.  And then, when the victims have no more money left, they throw the victims unceremoniously out into the cold — that is, if they are still alive.”
    But there is hope.  Some people are starting to fight back.  For instance, Joanne Denison, an honest Chicago attorney with a conscience, stumbled onto this racket about three years ago and tried to do something to stop these malfesiants.  “What did she do?”  Denison started a blog.  That’s all she did.  She started a blog to expose some of these worst practices.
     “So what happened?”  What do you think?  Her attorney’s license was just suspended for three years.
    Now we all know that Rush Limbaugh and Fox News can tell any lie that they want over public airwaves and get away with it, right?  But if you tell the truth and expose corruption in Chicago, you had better watch out.
     And if you are a wealthy widow in Chicago, you had better really watch out!

This Thanksgiving I’m gonna be super-grateful for a lot of things — and one of those things is going to be that I’m not a widow, am not wealthy and don’t live in Chicago.

2 thoughts on “From the award winning Jane Stillwater–her congratulations on my ARDC demise

  1. Thanks for posting this. And if Ken wants to send it out on his awesome mailing list, go for that too. We HAVE to get the word out. We have senior citizens to protect (and fearless and brave attorneys too).

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