From Glenda and Allen Martinez

Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2014 1:05 PM
Subject: Re: [New post] Just to show the IARDC this won’t go away, a lawyer just sent me this article….
Dear Joanne,
I am completely appalled at your being suspended for three years!!!
Please send your inspiring blog you sent me earlier to friends above to see for themselves!
Can you Appeal, and would it be of any use to do so?
***–my answer is that I am not suspended yet (or is it the blog that is not suspended yet), the decision has to go to a review board and then to the Illinois Supreme Court, and it’s not hopeful there–I filed a SLAPP in response to what the ARDC filed against my blog and they and the Illinois Court of Appeals turned me down and I was not surprised there either because I already checked property records at the Illinois Ct. of Appeals and SCOI and that didn’t look promising either.  Like the NY Times articles on states attorneys offices across the nation previously published, there are major problems going all the way up.  But I am here for YOU ALL, the little people that thought they put an honorable pol in office, but the pol turned out to either be a miscreant and felon, or put them in power or allowed them to stay in power, so I know what I am up against.  I get it.  But I have made my choice and the choice is the blog and preventing further felonies, murders and deaths.***
We, and I’m sure I speak for your thousands of your followers and supporters, we are willing, ready, and able to do all necessary to combat this flagrant abuse of one more of honest attorneys who are trying to fight to stop the corruption, and the guardianship and other abuses in probate courts.
You have all our support in anything you decide is proper to do now to legally fight this…please let us know how we may be able to help.
You have a group of followers in Florida and all over who admire your courage, passion and sincere desire to stop abuse.
Please email us to and us know how we can help.
Glenda and Alan Smith
How to help?  apparently Jerome Larkin, the Administrator gets irked if you ask to hand deliver a letter directly to him.  I would write up my thoughts on suspending honest attorneys, wasting a $34 million budget on that paid by other honest attorneys and demand he stop doing it.  Also write to the US Dept of Justice and demand a federal jury investigation of Jerome Larkin for the following cases he well knows about or should know about:  Wyman, Sykes, Judge Stuart, Gore, Drabik, and others.  I have a list.
The atty code of silence has to end and probate has to have a keen overhaul of morals and ethics, if not actually reading and implementing the law there.

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