From the Oregon Nurses Association — Voluntary assisted suicide

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An interesting article that makes suicide more of an option to patients.

However, noting the Frake case where 1) the patient fell or was otherwise injured and complains of pain and is not treated or diagnosed–no MRI’s or xrays to the family, etc. 2) the patient is drooling, had uncontrollable tremors indicating psychotropic drug misuse, or use at all, against the patient’s knowledge and consent and access to alternative treatments (In re Tiffany, Illinois Supreme Court) and 3) cannot hold his head up, cannot talk but tells son repeatedly he is in pain, I wonder the value of the report.

Also of interest is the part where in Belgium it is noted that many of the suicides were involuntary and assisted.  When, how and why is that not murder.  I assume this was where an elder was old, fragile and in pain and could not provide consent, so the decision was made for him.  But if you hear of people where were vegetables after accidents and serious medical traumas, they will tell you while they were in a coma, they would hear every word, including the decision to terminate life and they, at that point, knew it was wrong.

We know so very little of life and of death, it is important for everyone to detail their advance directives in case of coma, serious accident or medical trauma where they cannot make decisions for himself or herself.  In the Illinois POA and other documents you can say what you want and what you do not want in advance, saving the relatives trauma over end of life decisions.  You can arrange for this in advance.  You can research it and see what post-coma patients say of their experience.  You can even research NDE’s or near death experiences.

The most important issue is that each person make up his or her mind prior to coma or severe trauma and that pain relief is provided, medical marijuana is provided, if that helps.  And, of course mainstream medicine has to start exploring alternative pain relief methods (curcurmin and tumeric, rosemary oil) if the patient is not responding to traditional methods of strong narcotics.

Whatever we are doing right now on earth, this situation isn’t working.  It isn’t civilized to put grandma or grandpa in a nursing home against his or her will and drug them while they are in pain.

Please pray for the family of Allen Frake.  I am afraid this is a situation where no one will step in.  I’ll let you know if someone does.  I appreciate the cooperation of the family to allow me to post.  I know dozens and dozens of stories and about 70% of families find this end of life trauma and in the medical and legal interaction, it is all too difficult to post, let alone file an ARDC complaint.

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