On Halloween — something scary — and real — a guardianship!

Just in the nick of time for Halloween, someone has sent me a very, very, very scary you tube embedded in an excellent article from The Pundint — a woman under a guardianship who is crying and sobbing she wants to go home, but the NY Probate court judge and GAL won’t let her:


Read the article.  I think it’s easier to be one of the undead- a vampire, werewolf or walking undead than it is to be a grandpa or grandma forced into a nursing home, chemically restrained, nothing to do, than it is to be one of those monsters.

How did our society get that way?  What of poor Alice Gore, Carol Wyman and others–forced into nursing homes against their will when loving family wanted to take them in.

Quotes from our very own Cook County Public Guardian’s Office:

Some old people just remain in the community far too long when they really should be put in [a locked down] nursing home.

and another favorite from yesterday

It’s really hard when they (the seniors) know what is going on, because then they don’t want to be in a nursing home.  No one wants to go there.  It’s much better when they are more out of it [read, mentally disabled] and they don’t know where they are or who they are talking to.

And this is when the people have advance directives (a POA) saying they never want to be in a nursing home!

Let me know if anyone hears of anything scarier than what our own OPG attys state in the hallways of the 18th floor.

The response from other attorneys on the 18th floor when I repeat such statements in court?  They tell the court that I shouldn’t be allowed to repeat anything than isn’t on a transcript!  Of course, my response to that is, if you are ashamed to have anyone repeat what you said, next time try not saying it in the first place.

I’m just wondering, who are these people anyway and when they notice that after their heart donation they were still walking and talking but apparently not thinking very much.

Yes, these are real live quotes from the OPG in Cook County Chicago.

2 thoughts on “On Halloween — something scary — and real — a guardianship!

  1. I have the misfortune of his NIGHTMARE first hand.. predator so-called guardian by the name of Rebecca Fierle. I cry every day for my sons safety.

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