From the corruption report–the Red Light ticket scandal and a politician pubicly against corruption

First the red light ticket scandal, where everyone got a ticket, red light or not, turns out to just be a money laundering scheme for the rich and connected:

and from Palm Springs, ONE conservator (guardian) is replaced after years of incompetence and abuse:

Interestingly enough, read the article carefully and this Conservator had many other clients being neglected by her, and the court did not order an investigation into those wards either.


And now we have the Allen Frake estate where millions of dollars in investment properties are unrented, a court appointed nimrod never returns phone calls and is not renting them out at all.  The son, Gary Frake wants to take over the property management, rent them out and ensure profitability, but the court just hands it back to the care nothing guardian of the estate where nothing got done for 20 months, ignoring the son’s and only heir’s pleas for competent management.

Business as usual.

And now from a singular politician who acknowledges rampant corruption and vows to do something about it.  Why aren’t there more?  Why do the American citizens suffer so much?

Andy Ostrowski
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