You don’t have to go to the Mideast to find lawyers severely disciplined for protecting Human and Civil rights

Yep dissidence in the ranks of attorneys protecting human and civil rights is firmly dealt with by the likes of Jerome Larkin, head of the Ill. Atty. Discipline Commission, and not even the U.S. Sup. Ct will move a quill pen to stop it.

Read on from Tom Fields:

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Thank you for thinking of me.  I view the suspension of my law license as a badge of honor.   As a lawyer grows to the maturity of having practiced law for over half a century, the lawyer looks back on the practice and wonders if he/she has made a difference and in what way.   It is very discouraging to recognize that the impact is significant only to you, your family, and your clients.    Thus, the lawyer wonders whether things would be different if he had to make clear stand between “right” and “wrong.”
In my case, when Adam Stern and Peter Schmiedel called me and made outrageous threats in April 2010 I had a choice.   I could walk away from a situation in which an elderly widow was being ravaged by a corrupt judge and her appointees to the point where she had been railroaded into a guardianship (sans jurisdiction, was isolated from her family, deprived of every civil liberty and her prior life, and her estate was being pillaged or I could stand up for the “core” principles of America that gave rise to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.    To the benefit of my self esteem, I had no hesitation!   I waded in with both feet.   I did my mandatory investigation and when the information my clients gave was verified I requested Law Enforcement do an Honest, intelligent, complete and comprehensive investigation!    The result was I woke up in what appears to North Korea, and received from the Illinois Supreme Court a four year suspension from the practice of law – and grudgingly I am seeing some minute progress being made to re-mediate the health care fraud and to punish the miscreants.
It is abhorrent, but the most ethically challenged individuals that I’ve had contact with in my half century in the 2nd oldest profession still continue their assault on my First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments and the elderly widow (Mary Sykes) is still be exploited and treated as a non-human.   I’ve written to law enforcement every day in the hope that the words and phrases of the Congress and the Illinois Legislature will be given some force and effect.    I intend to write every day until the ‘cover up’ of elder cleansing ends.
Tom – thank you for not forgetting about me.   The retaliation by the miscreants and in particular those judicial officals who ignore the Core values of America is disheartening.   Lawyers (and public officials) take an oath!   As illustrated by the campaign ads that are no flooding the media – tooooooooo many of the public officials (including judicial officials) will say anything to get elected.   Here in Illinois we have a Senator who is running for election.  I wrote him concerning the elder cleansing holocaust.    He sent me a copy of some stupid speech he gave before congress on social security!!!    I have no doubt he will be re-elected!    We get the government we deserve!
Ken Ditkowsky

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Subject: Ken, I Mentioned You in a Comment That I Posted Online at

I hope this meets with your approval.  If it does, I hope you and others will add your own comments.  I might look to see where else this story has been published and post this comment there too.
Tom Fields
—– Report That I Commented Upon —–
Iran bans human rights lawyer from practicing law
AP | Associated Press
Published October 19, 2014 08:28AM EDT
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s semi-official ISNA news agency says a court has banned a prominent human rights lawyer from practicing her profession for three years.
Nasrin Sotoudeh claims that her country’s Bar Association has been under pressure to cancel her license to practice law since she was released from jail in 2013.
Sotoudeh, a mother of two, was sentenced to 6 years prison in 2011 on charges of spreading propaganda and conspiring to harm state security. She was granted an early release in September 2013, three months after the election of moderate President Hassan Rouhani.
—– Comment That I Posted —–
I am familiar with several U.S. attorneys (ex. Doug Schafer @ and Ken Ditkowsky @ who feel that they have been suspended or barred from the practice of law in the U.S. for similar reasons.  As Doug has explained online, he was disciplined in retaliation for exposing and bringing about the removal from the bench of a corrupt Washington State Superior Court judge.  Unfortunately, there are many U.S. attorneys and judges who have acted unethically, even criminally, who have never been disciplined.  I personally have conclusive evidence of this, but what is even more important (and needs to be reported) are the questions which I pose online in the 2-page PDF file at in connection with a Dallas, Texas case which ABC News and others reported.  I strongly encourage readers of this comment to go to, follow the link there to the 3-minute video from this case which ABC News broadcast, consider the questions posed there, and consider writing me ( for more information related to this questions.

2 thoughts on “You don’t have to go to the Mideast to find lawyers severely disciplined for protecting Human and Civil rights

  1. And the US Supreme Court has no business ruling on stuff like elections. Congress should do that. And Illinois courts have no business ruling on senior citizens’ welfare. That should be done by we seniors ourselves. Or at the very least there should be a law saying that senior citizens’ attorneys can’t steal our money!

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