Free Speech is a must for College Campuses

And in the style of Jerome Larkin and managing Illinois Attorneys, we have the following new article:

Students passing out Constitution say Southern Oregon University threatened them

By United Press International October 17, 2014 11:56 am
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Four students at Southern Oregon University claim they were threatened by campus officials while protesting the school’s free speech policies.
The students were passing out copies of the Constitution and asking for signatures on a petition to end SOU’s “free speech zone” policy, which limits protests to one spot on campus……
“[The students] were not forced to move to the free speech zone, nor were they prevented from continuing to hand out their literature,” said Ryan Brown, Southern Oregon University’s Head of Community and Media Relations……
In videos obtained by Campus Reform, director of university housing Tim Robitz can be heard asking the SCC students to move their protest elsewhere.
“I would very much like you to leave………”  he says in the video.
The university considers the spot where SCC was protesting a “residential area” because of its proximity to several dorms.
Robitz also can be heard telling the SCC students that he would prefer they explain both sides of the issue to the people they asked for signatures.
“When you open it up to free speech that means anyone anywhere can come on here and do that and that might create some other challenges for this campus that we’re not prepared to manage.”
I just had to publish the above 4 quotes because they are the acid that clearly was thrown to erode Free Speech as guaranteed by our US Constitution, and the University is allowing some petty bureaucratic satraps from giving the due full length and breath of our First Amendment the breathing room it deserved.
To ask a protestor to “present the other side” clearly does not get and does not care enough to understand the nature of the concept of free speech.  To be required to present the other side at best is giving credence to people too lazy to protest, and at worst it preserves the status quo and completely erodes the concept of free speech and free thinking.  Who wants to have forced speech or to think like someone else? And then just whom are you forced to think like? The university?  the goverment?  your mom?  the creepy guy down the street that always wears a parka in 80 degree heat?
from Ken Ditkowsky:
 Artificial restraints on the First Amendment Rights no matter how rationalized are illegal.   The University is aware of this and its sophomoric excuses in like of the recent Supreme Court decisions are inexcusable.   Most seriously, while the article does not indicate that this limit on Free Speech was not enforced as to policies that the University approves of, all too often the restriction is on something that is not politically correct.
The purpose of a University is to make well rounded individuals.   Teaching the core values of American society is not something that can be overlooked.    A core value is Free Speech and the right to advocate unpopular causes.    These students are standing up for their rights – Where is the 2nd oldest profession when it comes to their right of free speech and the First Amendment.    Larkin gets away with ‘covering up’ felonies by corrupt officials because the 2nd oldest profession does not have the courage to deal with our personal national socialists!    This obligation to a broader society is required to be understood by teenagers who wish to enter high school, but not known by lawyers earning six figure incomes.
Ken Ditkowsky

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