From Janet Phelan–games and tricks when she tries to file evidence of corruption in her case

As many of you know, Janet Phelan is a trust fund beneficiary, and like many cases stuck with crooked lawyers in crooked courts, tens of thousands of dollars fall off of her accountings.

Here is her filing:

As with other court room victims that approach Ken and I for advice, we tell them to write ASAP to the authorities (states attorneys and FBI) and news media and to the judges and lawyer’s disciplianary boards until justice is done.

But see the games they play with these issues and how it all appears to be rigged and tied in.  Why can’t Janet file without charge evidence of corruption and Fraud upon the Court by Attorney Eggbratten?  Isn’t this one of the most crucial issues today?  Integrity of the courts, judges and lawyers?  Is this a central feature of dozens, if not hundreds of blogs today?  YES, YES and more YES.

Allegations of corruption, lost funds and manipulation of accounts in probate should be given the highest priority by the courts.

see below


From: Janet Phelan
Sent: Oct 11, 2014 11:48 AM
To: kenneth ditkowsky , “Cifu, George” , “”
Cc: Eric Holder , “JoAnne M. Denison” , Probate Sharks , Harry Heckert , Tim NASGA , Nasga Us , Matt Senator Kirk , Chicago FBI , FBI- , Chicago Tribune , “J. Ditkowsky” , SUNTIMES , Barbara Stone , Cook County States Attorney , ComplaintAdmin ADA CRT , Toni Eggebraaten , FOX News Network LLC , Jay Goldman , Janet Phelan
Subject: RE: Resending…RIP 1200177 filing

George Cifu in the Probate Division denied receiving your or my emails. Furthermore, after his senior gave me permission to email the file, George told me it would not be accepted via email.

Furthermore, George is now saying (in contradiction to the information I was given by his senior and also his supervisor) that I may not apply for a waiver of fax filing fees (the waiver form was attached to the pleadings and filled out according to instructions).
I was able to get the fax sent again late in the afternoon yesterday. I am not terribly concerned at this juncture whether or not they say they receive it or whether or not they falsely deny my filing due to the waiver issue.  They have violated so many laws here that a few more isn’t going to faze me that much.

Rock on in the free world,

Janet Phelan

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 15:19:41 -0700
Subject: Fw: Resending…RIP 1200177 filing

 Just to make certain that there is evidence of Ms. Phelan’s filing I am forwarding her documents from Chicago, and sending copies of the Attorney General of the United States, several blogs, the FBI, the Justice System and various news organizations.   I have also copied Ms. Eggebraaten.
It is time to stop the nonsense and start applying the core principles of America.   What has happened in this trust is deplorable and wrong.
Ken Ditkowsky
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Janet Phelan <>
To: “” <>; “” <>
Cc: “” <>; “” <>; “” <>
Sent: Friday, October 10, 2014 5:09 PM
Subject: Resending…RIP 1200177 filing
We just spoke and you told me you did not receive the email with the pdf of my filing for Riverside Probateattached. I am resending it from another account. Please confirm receipt.
Thank you,
Janet Phelan
541 708-3534
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Niles, IL 60714
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