From Barbara Stone–a lawyer/probate victim in Florida under house arrest–merely for protecting her mother

From: Barbara Stone
Sent: Aug 26, 2014 12:15 AM
To: Kenneth Ditkowsky , “” , Janet Phelan , Eric Holder , Human Rights Watch , “FBI- (” , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” , Probate Sharks , “J. Ditkowsky” , Harry Heckert , Matt Senator Kirk , ISBA Main Discussion Group ,  etc.
Subject: Guardianship fraud

Certain of the members of the Florida Bar use their organization as a front for their orchestrating and acting as an accomplice to cause atrocities, embezzlement and death of certain classes of citizens, the elderly, disabled and the vulnerable in a scheme operating under the guise of guardianship. 

My 86 year old mother, Helen Stone is being abused, extorted and her death is being orchestrated by a criminal enterprise that operates under a guise of “guardianship”. 

Federal and State Laws prohibit abuse, aggravated abuse, exploitation, embezzlement and discrimination.  They prohibit murder and premeditated murder.


This lawless operation has taken human ownership of my mother. She is a chattel in their possession with less rights than a criminal. 

  1. This criminal enterprise takes the assets of their victim pre-death.  This is the most byzantine of concepts.  The predator attorney for a family member of course knows that once a person is placed in a guardianship, their assets will NEVER be returned to them.  Like the Third Reich confiscated the assets of their victims in Nazi Germany, so is the activity of the attorneys who engage in extorting ill gotten gains .
  1. Dr. Swier describes this treasonous conduct in his expose of the atrocities that were committed against Marie Winkleman


  1. Once the assets of their victim get transferred to the criminal enterprise their agenda becomes shifts to the manner in which to cause the death of their prey while making it appear they are being attended and while gauging how to most effectively cause their death .  It is a known fact the elderly die and deteriorate without stimulation and their loved ones in their life.    The masterminds of this murderous industry employ stay away orders as the tool to effectuate the isolation.  All family members except those who are participating in the premeditated death plot are vanished by the stroke of a pen from their loved one.  All over the state,  children are prohibited from seeing their parents.  Verboten –  Third Reich activities. How is it possible that children and family members are harmful to their loved ones and their loved ones are being “protected” by these mobsters? It is not possible.  It is crime so heinous that EMERGENCY MEASURES ARE NEEDED.
  1. Once isolated the victim is alone and the crimes become insidious. Committed in secrecy with no eyes.   Their house becomes a house of horrors.  My mother had no food.  My mother was left in her bed with soiled clothes and drugged mercilessly.    She was rushed by emergency to the hospital after I sent my spiritual leader to see her and he reported she was incoherent.  She was diagnosed in the hospital with dehydration, malnutrition, pneumonia, fractures, and other life threatening conditions.  She was emaciated.  She was forcibly implanted a feeding tube although she was perfectly capable of eating. She has now been forcibly taken to a lock down facility where she is chemically restrained. She was given fake dime store glasses so has constant headaches as she cannot see.  Her torment is masterminded by a monster / mobster with a law license. 
  1. Web sites are prolific describing the new Third Reich.
  1. The new atrocity is the “feeding tube” guise.  This has been exposed as a deprivation of life tactic.  Feeding tubes are forced on people perfectly capable of eating   because it is convenient for and serves the interest of their “caretaker” who has no need to tend to them or feed them.  These people are DEPRIVED OF THEIR RIGHT TO EAT AND FORCED TO UNERGO SURGERY TO IMPLANT A FEEDING TUBE.   This atrocity was forced on my mother.   Mrs. Schindler, Terri Schiavo’s mother has discussed this with me and others in great depth. 

Guardianship is a crime against humanity.  We are watching our loved ones being deprived of their life under our eyes.  They are helplessly watching their own death occur.  Can you imagine?   

 THE BAR SHOULD ACCEPT NO LESS THAN  ZERO  TOLERANCE – these lawyers denigrate all lawyers.


This is a call for the immediate disbarment of the lawyer engaged in this crime, his arrest and indictment and the arrest and indictment of the criminal enterprise.


Barbara Stone


Dearest Barbara;


My heat goes out to you.  The feeding tube ruse, I agree is a game of death.  Ask Bev and Ken Cooper about her beloved mother who was capable of eating, loved to eat.  So what did they do?  The family protested a feeding tube, so her 29 gold teeth were pulled and she was starved to death!  Cold, calculated and merciless. 

Our country made fun of Russia for it’s orphan children of the poor mothers who were housed cheek to jowl in rotten orphanages, hands tied above their heads or behind their backs so food could be shoved in without hands in the way.  As a result, Russian orphans preferred to eat with hands above their heads or behind their backs.  Americans called that cruel, all the while forcing feeding tubes down seniors that enjoyed leisurely dining with one problem– a caretaker had to help for 15 to 30 minutes.  Greedy nursing home operators won’t pay for that. It’s $5,000 per month for balogny sandwiches tossed at the senior and 5 cent cups of coffee– or nothing.  I hear from seniors in “retirement homes” which are paid for by medicare.  It’s cereal for breakfast, a cheap sandwich for lunch and dinner.  Maybe a couple of slices of cold canned deboned turkey for 2 or 3 holidays per year.  That’s where the state puts them.  Our OPG does it and drains estates of $300k, $500k and up, leaving seniors in these places.  The OPG and probate attorneys take the money for fees and their tied in friends, and eventually the senior is left homeless and penniless.  They take all the money while the senior’s social security pays for dumps to live in with sandwiches for meals.

Again, my heart goes out to you and your mother.  You will both be in my hearts and prayers with 1000 angels to pray and light candles for you both too.

This has to end.   Barbara, they can put you under house arrest, but they cannot silence your truth.  Keep on speaking out.  Don’t stop.


4 thoughts on “From Barbara Stone–a lawyer/probate victim in Florida under house arrest–merely for protecting her mother

  1. I want to try and help your mom because of what occurred with my dad. My dad Thomas Bernard Sytsma Junior passed away in 2010 and I think my dad was sedated to death while in hospice because the voluntary guardian wanted my dad to die before he could change his estate plan in my favor. I didn’t agree with hospice and was denied full autopsy. I am not into social media so I prefer to speak or e mail. Partial autopsy said alz and brain damage. My dad had changed his estate plan to disinherit me and my family just prior to his year 2010 death. I suspect public corruption and fraud.

  2. Judge French in Palm Beach County Florida and Judge Michael Gates in Broward County Florida are working in concert with Peter Halle, Esq, Carolyn Lamm, Esq. (a past president of the American Bar Association), Michael J. Napoeone, Esq. and John G. White, III Esq plus almost a dozen more Florida attorneys hired by Peter Halle from the Richman Greer law firm. They have formed an enterprise to steal my money left in trust by my wonderful, generous father, Edward Halle, more than 9 years ago. I have been legally disabled since 1994 and he wanted me to have resources in my old age.

    The attorneys have committed purgery, fraud upon the court, fraudulent tax returns and they never address the issues. They have never claimed in one court that I am not a qualified beneificary or a qualified distributee. They have never explained why they have breached the Trust and ignored the instructions to distribute in 2007. They just never distribute and keep getting things dismissed by committing perjury and fraud upon the court. Then they go for six figure attorneys’ fees. No one seems to care. The press is not interested. Most people are not interested. The bar association is not interested. It seems like if it is not happening to a person, they just don’t care that powerful lawyers and judges are committing crimes and theft. They do not realize that we are ALL in danger of having our civil rights trampled and our money stolen from us by the people we trust to make sure these things never happen.

    Barbara Stone, my heart goes out to you and your mother. It seems that monsters are running the legal system and again, nobody cares if they ruin peoples lives just to satisfy their greed and desire to steal.

    I am a 68 year old man. Two heart attacks since they started stealing from me. Third world justice prevails in the State of Florida.

    • Well I care, and we need to find someone to help you out. Barbara would do it, but they are persecuting her now for no reason so she is in hiding. They have threatened her, abused her, false lighted her, defamed her, falsely arrested her, but she keeps on trying to fight a very, very corrupt system. I will send you my probate horror story form, please send me your email.
      We must fight this. You have to report the breach of fiduciary duty, theft, conversion and embezzlement to the IRS on Form 3949 which you can downloawd from this website (search “3949”) or from the IRS website. Criminal gains are taxed at a 50% tax rate, plus a 2% penalty for every month in which the tax is not paid and reported to the IRS. get going. you also need for file a suit for breach of fiduciary duty, theft, fraud, embezzlement. Let me know if you need any help. Email or call me and we will look for someone. Thanks.

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