Finding again the Nation of Laws and effective Law Enforcement

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 23, 2014 6:17 PM
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Subject: verification of claims

Hundreds of citizens have complained to law enforcement, public officials, the courts, lawyer disciplinary commissions and just about anyone who will listen concerning the felonies of elder cleansing.    Most of the complaints have fallen upon deaf ears.
The argument of the miscreants is very simple.   How could these claims have any veracity as a Judge has examined them and found them to be frivolous.   The question then becomes – do you trust the great unwashed or a judge wearing the mantel of respectability and the justice system?    The public memory is short and thus, the miscreant’s appeal allows the conspirators to sweep even the most heinous of felonies under the rug.   It also discourages law enforcement as they recognize that the same judicial mentality is going to address the issue and the result is predictable.   
Thus, by the simple prevarication of claiming that the charges are all lies the felons are able to thwart any attempt to end their assaults on the Bill of Rights.    Yes – that is what was done in the 1930s and resulted in the holocaust!   Yes, that is what happened so as to promulgate Operation Greylord!    Yes, that is the story of the Soviet gulags!    
How do we counter the conspiracy (18 USCA 371)?   Instead of preaching to the choir each victim or family member of a victim should file verified complaints with the Administrators of the Americans with Disabilities (Justice Department), local, federal and state law enforcement, attorney disciplinary commission, elected representatives and make certain that they are published on one or more of the various blogs devoted to defeating those predators who are proactively conducting the war on the elderly and the disabled. 
Why will this be effective when nothing has worked in the past?   There is no guaranty; however, an errant and dishonorable public servant–whether a lawyer, judge, political figure, or an administrator charged with protecting the public from lawyers — at some time is going to be called to account.   Take Mr. Jerome Larkin.   Larkin routinely claims that anyone who does not comport with his mindset and who opposes elder cleansing is a liar.  When called to detail any statement that was untrue or inaccurate of course he never did so freely admitting that he could not – however, his kangaroo commissions had no trouble making generic false findings contrary to their mandate.    Now that 4 people without a scintilla of knowledge attest that black is white, white is black, right is wrong, wrong is right etc it becomes an accepted fact!   HOWEVER, America is still a Nation of Laws and we still have some honest law enforcement people.   Thus, at some point in time, Larkin and his ilk are going to have to provide some backup to their totally false statements — and law enforcement will have verified statements to question each of the miscreants.    
It has been pointed out that disabled people are not second class citizens and as to public facilities they must be afforded ‘reasonable accommodation.’   By railroading citizens into un-necessary and predatory guardianships the bad guys are outsmarted themselves.  1) they brought the last piece of remedial legislation into play – i.e. Americans with Disabilities – and Federal jurisdiction; 2) they created fiduciary relationships; and 3) they placed firm legal limits on their ability to cover up their criminal activities.   [As an example – Larkin is aware that Farenga and Stern as guardian ad litem had a duty to report to the Court the robbery of Mary and Gloria’s safety deposit box, the large number of emergency room visits by Mary, the improper segregation of Mary from her younger daughter and her two siblings etc.   Larkin in assaulting JoAnne’s and my First Amendment Rights committed serious criminal activity in the nature of a felony]
All the laws enacted are intended to work together – if a law enforcement officer has all the information available in a verified form his job is made much easier and the reward of a conviction is enhanced.       
Ken Ditkowsky
from Joanne
It should also be noted that in 2013 that the top 10 banks, from JP Morgan Chase to US Bank and Citibank, etc. paid 17 BILLION DOLLARS  in a variety of fines, from selling worthless mortgages to Fannie Mae (JP Morgan Chase) to the almost $9 billion will go to homeowners who were victims of illegal foreclosure practices.
I just encountered someone this week that was never served in a mortgage foreclosure, but evicted any way.  Another person suffered roof leaks, moved out, the landlord stole all this person’s stuff, he came back, the landlord called the police, said the lease produced was a forgery and he changed the dates by a year.  The Victim was arrested.  We just found out this “landlord” didn’t even have title–the property was owned by the bank after foreclosure!  Please, if you lease, check the title records.  If property is involved in a foreclosure–before or after, a tenant is entitled to 90 days notice prior to an eviction, for obvious reasons.
The top banks will pay over 100 BILLION in legal fees to defend various nefarious actions against the US government and consumers alike.

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