From Ken Ditkowsky — the letter from Ms. Guzman is fairly amazing. I have to agree!

To: JoAnne M Denison <>
Date: Aug 21, 2014 7:58 PM
 The letter is indictment of Mr. Larkin and Ms. Guzman!    When this letter is matched to the July letter of Ms. Guzman falsely claiming that Adam Stern was appointed the GAL for Gloria Sykes it is very clear that Federal Felonies are being promulgated in the office of the IARDC as well as  being covered up.   (It took Guzman 17 days to discover that no one was buying her intentionally false statement concerning Ms. Sykes and thus her prevarication designed to provide cover for not investigating Adam Stern was exposed) 
Thus pursuant to 18 USCA 4 I have reported to Federal and State law enforcement the criminal conduct of Larkin and certain attorneys who are paid by the State of Illinois as to:
1) aiding abetting numerous felonies committed by judges and court appointed guardians in which senior citizens are robbed of their liberty, property and human rights (see Sykes 09 P 4585)
2) assaults on the Bill of Rights and core values of the United States of America
3) violations of Human Rights.    As Tim has indicated violations of Americans with Disability act and as demonstrated by Ms. Guzman’s letter to the Coopers – violations of human rights and the law of civilization.    Imagine a public body and an attorney paid a substantial salary by citizens of Illinois attempting to condone lawyers and judges ganging up on a 90 year of widow to mine her mouth for the gold filings!    ********
Remember in the early days of Television there was program called Ripley’s Believe it Not.    Every day absurdities were exposed.    I can top any that were ever published!   I read the Jerome Larkin teaches CLE (Continuing Legal Education) classes on ethics!!!!!
Half of the people in the United States are below average in intelligence!!!
Ken Ditkowsky
My response: I think Janet Phelan is right on in invoking international treaties against torture.   Forced druggings, false imprisonments in nursing homes, intentional and strenuous isolation from a multitude of family members and close friends are rampant.  It is psychological and physical torture that did not come with a declaration of war or the “undeclaration” of war.  It is clear and insidious torture on the elderly and disableds nonetheless==and their families.

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