More reports of Nefariousness from the IL case

One of the things I have warned repeatedly about on this blog are probate attorneys that do nothing while the miscreants are committing torts left and right, and those that promise “you will be back in your house in 6 months if you (fill in the blank– pay us money, don’t object to our felonies, abuse, ridiculous gag orders and illegal restraints on visitations or visits with tied in agencies on secret lists that are never bidded out or have performance bench markers and parameters.  Go figure.)

So today, dedicated son calls me and says “I’ve had it with court”, they have lied to me, it’s taken me 2 years to get supervised visitation they want all of $800k which has been in both my name and my parent’s names for a decade, my evil sib is telling the court I owned nothing at the home, there are pipes burst…

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