Simple Request to the Attorney General of the US–Eric Holder on behalf of all courtroom victims

August 13, 2014
Attorney General of the United States
Washington, D.C
Re:   Elder Cleansing Scandal
Dear Attorney General Holder
Early this month I wrote you to request a meeting on this issue.  I would like to renew my request for a meeting here in Chicago so that the Midwestern victims and their families can have an opportunity to discuss the blatant Human Rights violations that are being promulgated by corrupt judicial officials (including lawyers) and which violations are being protected by the vary entities and people who are assigned to protect the public.
Pursuant to 18 USCA 4 on behalf of the victims of Elder Cleansing and their families I have been forwarding to you e-mails that I received that are chilling.   The victims who have written me are from all over the United States, but they essentially write the very same thing, to wit:
1)       A loved one being herded and railroaded into a wrongful and abusive guardianship
2)       The guardians segregating the victim from his/her family so that the estate can be ravaged
3)       When the estate is rendered insolvent the victim is subjected to a process that extracts the last dollar that can be salvaged and then killed.
4)       If the family is articulate and complains they are retaliated against.
Elder Cleansing is part of the outrageous health care frauds that are rendering any and all attempts to provide affordable health care impossible.    This is a current National problem that threatens to get out of hand if not addressed.    I personally believe that this scandal is related to the Hospice/Nursing home frauds.    Those frauds are related to the Omnicare and other supplier frauds that drive up the costs of health care.
The venality of the miscreants in the Elder Cleansing scenario is outrageous.     As everyone get old and can become vulnerable it is apparent that this cancer is not going away and is metastatic.     Unless we protect the Core values of our civilization from those who value the dollar more than the Bill of Rights we may wake up and find that our America is no more!     In the Alice Gore case, the guardian ad litem had the temerity to mine the teeth of victim Alice Gore so as to squeeze the last penny out of her estate!     No one is safe.
Warm regards,
Ken Ditkowsky

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