From Ken and Judy Ditkowsky–where is the investigation on health care fraud?

To: everyone
Subject: Re: Investigation on Health Management Association
Date: Jul 27, 2014 12:45 PM
 We have a very serious problem with government corruption and in particular the health care industry.   Representative Speier is a hypocrite of the worst kind in that she is fully aware of the problem in California and elsewhere is enforcement of the existing laws.   The investigation has to be done by law enforcement with an eye toward prosecution of the miscreants.   
This morning I listened to a representative of [warmongering group engaging in bad karma] — see my new peace blog– for this discussion.
The partisan defense of one form of corruption by attempting to divert attention to another government corruption is  disingenuous and unhelpful.   There is no appropriate defense of any form of government corruption.  Government is created to serve the people – not to enhance and defend the career of favored members of the political elite.    Like [group X’s] use of humanitarian donations for criminal enterprises certain governmental entities use the humanitarian government funds designated for the care of the sick, disabled, and those who are in need of help to protect a small group of political benefactors – like the hospice and nursing home operators.    These same governmental criminals look the other way in exchange for unauthorized remunerations including vote fraud as they pontificate their carefully conceived diversions.
The California cesspool of corruption is becoming a national embarrassment akin to Illinois.   Janet Phelan recounts some very frightening facts as do scores of others.   In her media appearances she has named names.    Even though local California law enforcement has had numerous similar complaints the political climate of California seems to be protective of the miscreants and like Illinois endeavoring to assault the First Amendment Rights of the whistleblower.   The Goodman case in Arizona demonstrates that each political party has a great deal of housekeeping necessary if the health care frauds are to be properly addressed.
The guardianship scandals have been correctly diagnosed to be less expensive (in a pecuniary sense) to the electorate than the hospice, nursing home, drug et al frauds, but they are much more expensive over-all as in each instance the assault on our Bill of Rights and in particular the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment erodes our democracy irrevocably.   Why should as an example anyone give a ***** that a petty political figure such as Jerome Larkin misuses his position as Administrator of the IARDC to attempt to silence a fat old jewish attorney, and loud mouthed African, and a working mother who happens to have an engineering degree and a blog.   Hell dozens of children are being shot and killed on the West and South sides of Chicago on a single weekend.   The casualty toll in Chicago exceeds that of Kabal.   Last we heard there was no invading army in Chicago.
Unfortunately Larkin’s actions are more dangerous to the republic that the crazy who dons his suicide suit and finds a population center to blow himself up!    Larkin frightens the timid legal profession so that they cower in their boots and endure extreme and repeated denials of liberty and exploitation of the elderly and the disabled.  The lawyers button their mouths and say nothing as they see senior citizens having their mouths minded for the gold in their teeth.   They say nothing as a senior citizen is railroaded into a guardianship to be stripped of her savings, incarcerated so as to isolate her from her prior life, and then placed into a program which will end in an involuntary assisted suicide.    They will even attend Continuing Education courses led by the very miscreants who are in real life demonstrating the proper execution of principle popularized by the 3rd Reich and National socialism. 
The GAO in a report to Congress details most of the foregoing; however, recognizing that NASGA, Probate Sharks, and other groups not wishing to emulate the miscreants called for an Intelligent, Honest, complete and Comprehensive investigation of the elder cleansing scandal.  The call was made so that when Larkin and his coherts are called before the Bar of Justice the prosecution will be able to prove their bad behavior beyond a reasonable doubt.  Yes, everyone including all the miscreants are fully aware of the perfidy that is being committed on a daily basis against the elderly and the disabled, but as Americans we seek to uphold our core values as stated in our State and Federal Constitution.    This distinction between us and them is important.
Affordable health care is important; however, it must be more than a slogan or a talking point.   This means that the corruption must be expunged as much as possible.   Every criminal scheme being conducted by those conducting the war on the elderly and disabled must be exposed and punished.   Collecting the gold from the teeth of the elderly may not be ethically challenged pursuant to the mores of Larkin, but to the rest of us it is amoral.   The Illinois Supreme Court in upholding Larkin assault on the First Amendment is of record as not agreeing with us.   It held by not reversing either Mr. Amu’s or my IARDC decision by Larkin that the reporting of crimes pursuant to 18 USCA 4 by lawyers violates the ethics of the Legal Profession.   See 735 ILCS 110/5, Article 1 section 4 of the Illinois Constitution, and the First Amendment.
The number of dollars wasted because of Larkin is paled by the funds diverted by Hospice, nursing home, drug and other gross over-charges and if there is ever to be affordable health care in the United States the Attorney General’s office must root out the criminals in the system and those – like Larkin – who aid and abet their criminal activities (18 USCA 371).  Such must be done intelligently.
A few years ago, a pharmacy operation was formed by two miscreants who we can identify as S and D.   Their operation was not to dissimilar to Omincare, except they opened retail stores throughout the area.   The enterprise was never intended to be legitimate.  
S & D realized that if the organization had one owner and the payouts topped a critical number there would be investigations.   They also realized that once the FBI or the IRS started to look into their business they would have to face the piper.   They also realized that even using an Enron type set up they would not be safe, unless, they brought in complete strangers into the operation.
Thus, the business was set up as a series of franchises.   A young pharmacist was recruited and offered the deal of a lifetime.   (This youngster was a person who was not of the same gene pool and most importantly of a different religion who would live in a WASP community).   M was such a person – he was bright, articulate, self assured, and ambitious.   The deal he was offered was a 51% ownership of a drug store franchise in a Northern suburb.   The business would cater to a fixed group of nursing homes and a minority community.  M was encouraged to purchase an expensive home in a Far Western community, and was provided with a luxury company car for his long drive to work.
M was spoon fed into reaching for his dreams and seeing every pecuniary hope realized.   As he learned the ropes he was given more and more responsibility including the right to hire and fire.  He was the pharmacist in charge.  After a suitable period of time, M’s partners – whose names appeared nowhere – suggested he delegate some of the work load – he should sign pharmacy authorization is blank and leave them in the office so that his assistants would not have to call him every time an authorization was required – he could just authorize on the phone.  M readily assented.
About a year later a special agent of the IRS and some State of Illinois investigators visited M, had him identify his signature on some authorization forms.   M realized that his partners had used his blank signatures to double and triple payments to the pharmacy franchise.   The common accountant supplied (but paid for by the franchise) of course knew nothing about overpayments, discrepancies in ordering etc.   In fact M had signed all the supporting documents including tax returns.   M was indicted!     Of course the Fed knew that S and D were behind the fraud, but, S & D made political contributions to the right members of the political elite and belonged the correct organizations.   S & D claimed shock that M was so much of a crook!    
It is suggested that the individuals who are behind the guardianship, nursing home, hospice frauds have followed the model of S & D.   In fact the deposition of Mr. Rothner that I forwarded to the Fed affirms that fact.   What is so interesting was that almost immediately after I forwarded the deposition for publication on the blog and sent copies to law enforcement the Supreme Court of Illinois suspended my license for four years.  It all is a coincidence!   
It is my thesis that the actors in the health care fraud are all related and all the schemes are connected.  
[As for M, he was guilty of the crime charged as he knew or should have known that he had a responsibility which he had neglected.   Yes, he was young, impressionable, and exploited; however, he was an adult and had to take the responsibility for his own acts.   When the State of Illinois acted to separate M from his license, every one of the Special agents who were instrumental in the prosecution of M, S, and D appeared a the hearing and each volunteered to testify for M.   Everyone of them testified truthfully and appropriate on M’s behalf and I was gratified to have received on M’s behalf a favorable determination.]  
Ken Ditkowsky
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Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2014 8:30 AM
Subject: Investigation on Health Management Association


Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) slammed  Rep. Issa (R-Cal) for leading “a fishing expedition” over the White House political office, which has an budget of about $1 million, when there are legitimate scandals the committee should be investigating that involve hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars being lost to fraud instead.
“Two and a half months ago, I sent to the chairman of this committee a letter asking him to start an investigation … on Health Management Associates, which has already ripped off the taxpayers of this country by $600 million in Medicare and Medicare fraud,” Speier said, referring to a case also being looked at by the Justice Department.
“Are we doing anything to look at something as important as that issue? Oh no. We want to investigate the president’s $1 million political office to see whether or not the funds are being used for a political or a governmental purpose,” she said. “This is a mockery, and I stand with my colleagues objecting to it.”
Issa said during a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which he chairs, that he’s not demanding that Simas testify because he thinks the White House Office of Political Affairs has inappropriately engaged in political campaign activities. Rather, Issa said, it’s the potential for that office to overstep the line in the future that he wants to examine.
“We are accusing neither the president nor this four-person office of any wrongdoing,” Issa said, adding, “I allege no wrongdoing.”>>
But Democrats pointed to a key difference between Issa’s latest subpoena and Democrats subpoenaing top Bush officials in 2007: back then, there was actual evidence of inappropriate activity involving the U.S. Attorney scandal.>>
I took the quotes in a partially reversed order.  READ THE ARTICLE 

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