From Ken Ditkowsky–speaking up for truth and justice

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jul 26, 2014 7:09 AM
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Certain Judges will live in infamy. Their corruption is infamous. Some went to jail in the Operation Greylord scenario, and others got away with it. Illinois has a sorry history which continues to this day. In Chicago legendary corruption is the ‘name of the game!’ The distinction between Chicago corruption of yesterday and that of today is the fact that if you kept your nose clean the ‘bad guys’ were respectful of you and took a wide berth.
What I note is that they understood that if you run into an individual who will not play, his/her integrity should be respected as sometime in the future you are going to have access to so as to be able to seek a safe harbor. Thus, while I received many very attractive and lucrative offers, I accepted none. Some of the offers were tainted and some were very straight. I wanted no part of any transaction that was not 100% Kosher or had some aspect that could be deemed not Kosher. I recognized that if you played in the mud you were bound to get dirty. I was not afraid to get dirty – I just wanted to be able to look myself in the mirror and say “ I like that person!” As an example I was offered a membership preference in a club that would have increased the cash flow of my law practice by a substantial factor. I had previously made application and was told that I was number 500 on the list of potential membership candidates. A member of the political elite invited me to the club and informed me that certain people felt it was not a good career move for me to be part of a particular law case and if I was to withdraw as the attorney for the plaintiff I would find my membership application approved immediately. I rejected the offer – I did not become a member of the club and I continued to have a law practice that was like every other practice – feast and famine.
In my half decade at the bar, offers flowed regularly and I rejected each one that I felt to be tainted. By pure luck I avoided trouble. By staying out of the mud I found that when a member of the political elite of that time needed to consult as to a problem (including many that did not involve the law) I was always available (pro bono) to lend an ear. Much of the time I was a depository of many secrets that could embarrass many of the elite. I’ve kept every one of the secrets and have no intention of disclosing a single one even though all the principals are long gone. I have systematically forgotten everything including who told what to me, and most importantly the subject matter.
Until the Mary Sykes case I was protected. Yes there were attempts to bully me, but, magically the prospective bully recognized that having a friend who he/she could confide in and be assured that his/her secrets would be safe was much better than have an enemy who not only saw life in stark black and white, but, who felt that ******. Sometimes it took a while for a potential enemy to realize that he/she held the key to peace. Treating me with respect and my client appropriately made my short memory forget all about the perfidy that had occurred. Thus, it was amusing to Sam Moy to sit me at a table populated by members of the political elite who had previously announced that they considered me an enemy and who he knew I lacked total respect. (He also placed a couple of neutrals at the table) He loved to watch the interaction between 180 degree opposites. It always amused me when a “sworn enemy” would appear at my home or office and ask me to speak in private. He/she would then ask me for my advice as to intimate personal matters, business transactions, or pending legal problems. I knew why I was the confident! I also knew that the information that was imparted to me was done is strict confidence and my availability, candor and honesty were the secret to my well being. An honest enemy will not sugar coat a problem you are facing!
Today the world has changed. The political elite do not understand that if you develop a cadre of ‘yes men’ around you, when you need advice and candor you do not get it. As an example, had **** come to me after the theft of Mary/Gloria Sykes’ gold coins was made public, I would have listened to all the excuses, all the rationalizations, and all the theories on how they could and would get away with it and then advised **** to: 1) report the theft to the court. I would have and did suggest that the report specify that I (KKD) had informed him of it, and 2) get away from ***** as they were just bad people.
(I gratuitously made suggestion 1 in a safe harbor letter – I felt that if ***** would do his job Judge Connors would in a fit of self-preservation also do her job and CYA. I was wrong. Instead he went screaming to Jerome Larkin in agony! He needed protection as it appears that *****. Larkin was happy to aid and abet the criminal conspiracy to deny a senior citizen of her liberty and her hard earned assets).
The Evidence deposition of Judge Connors provides her a permanent place in history. Few judges would proudly demonstrate that she administered a statute for a decade without reading it. The two cases explaining how jurisdiction was obtained were obviously never read by the Judge. The standard for determining if a citizen should be deprived of civil rights and liberty interests was ignored by the judge. The core value = i.e. level playing field was set to rest by her words that the same result would be reached ****.
This is not the situation involving the Chief Judge of the Chancery Division (David Shields) who got caught taking a 200 dollar bribe to fix a case, or Judge Holtzer who demanded the lawyers who came before him purchase life insurance from his wife. Indeed it is not Judge Stuart *****. It is not Judge B. Fain Tucker who at the end of the day was so drunk she had to be carried from the bench. It is the nightmare of every lawyer – it is and was venal corruption.
The ‘score’ of judges who went to jail in the Operation Greylord affair and the several score of judges who had to resign or face jail were minor miscreants compared to the Judges who were so corrupt as to allow the cottage industry of elder cleansing to prosper in their courtrooms. Yes, Mr. Larkin, I believe that not one of the judges received a white envelope full of cash. As has been indicated bribing a public official can be done in many ways. I‘ve explained how it is done in other e-mails. Any remuneration received by a judicial official not paid by a government treasury check that deducts FICA is highly suspect. It is most probably a bribe and the public official receiving it should be investigated. As an example a discount received by a public official or a judicial official on a parcel of real estate is a bribe!!! It is an Illegal remuneration no matter how it is structured.
Whether Judge X is provided an orange jumpsuit or not he will live in infamy as he/she has violated his/her oath to defend the Constitution and denied a citizen of his/her core American Rights. The Illinois Attorney Registration and Distortion commission may decree that this e-mail is ethically challenged, but, it is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and its communication to law enforcement is required by 18 USCA 4. The aiding and abetting of the assault on the First Amendment is a violation of 18 USCA 371. [1]

[1] As Mr. Larkin has attempted to violate my First Amendment Rights, this communication is another serious Himmel complaint against Attorney Jerome Larkin. Even though such a request is futile due to the Corruption in the State of Illinois Courts demand is made for an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of the Cottage industry of Elder Cleansing and the use of public funds by Jerome Larkin to aid and abet elder cleansing and the War on the elderly and disabled.

Ken Ditkowsky

And while Mr. Larkin is at an thorough and honest investigations of attorneys, he needs to look closely at Sykes, Wyman, Gore, LL, Drabik, Tyler, Spera, etc. and others and start an appropriate investigation–all of these cases were denied, by the ARDC, competent and thorough investigations and the attorneys were not brought into scrutiny for these actions.
While Larkin is gearing up to boot me out or suspend me for speaking out and telling everyone truthfully these stories and that the behavior is wrong, immoral, unconscionable and not worthy of an attorney, this charity, JUSTICE 4 EVERY 1 is gearing up to get deeper into the Cook County probate files and publish more and do more about the corruption.
How is it that summary eviction orders get handed out like candy to a 72 year old Husband in a wheel chair by a certain Judge X just based upon the say so of Guardian’s counsel? And how is that Guardian can harass and remove locks from the domicile of Husband and nothing is done, except when counsel appears on the case?
The standard of Probate court is the best interests of the ward, and when the ward’s Husband is being terrorized by the Guardian and his attorney with impunity, there are in fact serious problems in the courtroom.
It is time for volunteer trained guardians to get involved in these cases. Surveys in probate court have to be taken to spot problems, there has to be oversight on Citations to Recover assets and eviction orders, until these procedures come into compliance with laws. We also have to make sure that when other family members are legally evicted–an actual summons and complaint, that they do not lose their home without appropriate legal assistance.

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