Great article on many, many issues affecting the Elderly

One of the most interesting issues in this article is that a 92 year old woman from Texas is suing her captors–attorneys and a nursing home involved when she was never deemed incompetent, but she was forced into a locked down facility, her two beloved sons were strenuously isolated from her, and her life fell apart.

According to the article, her sons needed court supervision, they had to pay for, of course, they gave their mother cell phones that were never delivered, mom was given strong chemical restraints–by persons who were not able to diagnose or prescribe, etc.

This is a great article because it tells the truth about what can happen to elderly, wealthy persons to ruin their lives–and without a single court order.

Ruby is now smiling that she can again see her sons. She is no longer chemically restrained, drooling and chewing on her hand, babbling incoherently. Her cognitive skills were just fine, thank you very much.


3 thoughts on “Great article on many, many issues affecting the Elderly

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  2. Baltimore county, Maryland . My mother , a brave moral woman . I need help to get her free . She has been taken from her little life , that she blessed every day . Just wanted normal days. Normal , stable days were a blessing, those days have been taken from her . After a lifetime of only hard work and thankfulness

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