From Ken Ditkowsky on Obstruction of Justice 18 USC 1512

Subject: Fw: WestlawNext – § 1512. Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant – complaint against Jerome Larkin for ethical violations in addition to his failure to file State of Illinois Disclosure statements.

 The pattern of obstruction of justice is evident in the disciplinary proceedings illegally conducted by Mr. Larkin and his attorneys. to wit: 
1) the prosecution of Amu, Denison, and myself is an obvious assault in the First Amendment and therefore clearly a violation of 18 USCA 1512.
2) the fiasco orchestrated by Senior attorney Lea Black to discourage Gloria Sykes from testifying is clear tampering with a witness that would be unacceptable in any Court – but was condoned by the IARDC panel.   This tampering includes the disclosure of her improper conversations with Attorney Brodsky – who was Gloria’s lawyer until she refused to pay him any sums in excess of the dollars that he had already received.
3) the letter from a senior attorney at the IARDC claiming that Adam Stern had been appointed as GAL for Gloria Sykes (17 days after Gloria threatened suit the letter became a typo – but no investigation of either the letter or Stern followed)
4) the chaining of Gloria Sykes to a chair to extract information as to where her assets were hidden.  (The denial by the Judge, and later her admission of the truth of the statement – is more obstruction)   The ‘cover up’ by Larkin of this event is chilling.
5) the refusal of the IARDC to either join in the call for an investigation or conducting an investigation of Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel or Solo = but instead conducting prosecution of attorneys who complained.   This is official misconduct on the part of Larkin.
6) extra-judicial proceedings conduct by Larkin in direct violation of Article 1 section 4 of the Illinois Constitution.  It appears that ex-parte communications between Larkin (his attorneys) and panel members charged with adjudication is common.
7) extra judicial proceedings in an assault on the First Amendment.  Even a pre-teen interested in going to High School knows or should know that all citizens have a right to communicate amongst themselves and to petition the government.   Larkin in his prosecutions of attorneys just ignores the protections of the Constitution.
*)  Other an different actions
equal protection of the law mandates that Mr. Larkin and all who acted in concert with him (18 USCA 371) are guilty of obstruction of justice.    The crimes that we are charging Larkin with are very serious!   Mr. Larkin by his blatant attempts at intimidation has violated a public trust.   
Larkin as an attorney is well aware that his prosecutions of Denison, Amu, and myself are patently wrongful and should never have been commenced.   The continuation is deceitful and a breach of the public trust.
We have as before suggested that law enforcement give no credence to anything that I or any of other who are victims of the assaults on our First Amendment Rights state.   We ask only for an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation and if unbiased law enforcement finds that the elder abuse allegations are accurate that Larkin, Stern, Farenga, Solo, Schmiedel and the others who aided and abetted these felonies be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 
Pursuant to Himmel a copy of this e-mail has been forwarded to the IARDC .    This e-mail is a complaint against Larkin and the attorneys who were engaged in the prosecution of Denison, Amu, Ditkowsky and all other attorneys who have reported corruption to law enforcement.   This complaint cannot be swept under the rug by suggestion that Larkin refinanced his home.  – The complaint has been an is that Larkin aided and abetted the felonies of elder cleansing, assaulted the First Amendment and actively engaged in obstruction of justice in using his position as Administrator of the IARDC to impose a code of silence on attorneys and prevent attorneys from compliance with 18 USCA 4.
Ken Ditkowsky

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