Breaking News — Judge Stuart suddenly retires today!

Dear Readers;

Today I was in Judge Stuart’s courtroom and there were many, many pretty flowers on her desk.  I thought it was her birthday, which is very nice.  BUT then about 50 or more people came into her courtroom at noon, with a huge cake and I was told she is retiring.

The only thing I can say, is I WISH HER WELL!  I understand she will have a generous pension, and she can move on to new things.

This blog is not about being mean, nasty or rehashing bad prior decisions (we all make mistakes, including and esp. me), it is about making sure the courtrooms are fair and just for everyone.

I know there have been a lot of complaints about Judge Stuart.  A lot from Gloria Sykes who believes she was treated majorly unfairly (and I believe she was and the case deserves a thorough, complete and honest investigation), but a sitting elected judge does deserve respect.

I wish Judge Stuart well and I hope that she will be filled with love, compassion, honesty, courage and understanding.  She still has a law license and she can do a whole lot of good for the poor, the homeless and those in need.  Let’s hope she will be start a new life in that vein.




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