Janet Phelan announces Exile–her life regarding corruption and intrigue

In the year 2000, an out of work reporter is approached by a man who is not whom he appears to be. Lured into a romantic affair with him, the reporter is soon to lose everything—her family, her home, her country and nearly her life. EXILE is the true story of Janet Phelan, who fled the US after the attempts to permanently silence her went awry. The lengths to which the intelligence community will go to cover their tracks is revealed in this memoir. The ultimate question—what is the meaning behind this grave assault on an American citizen—unfolds as the story is told.


I am going to order a copy now.  I hope that everyone will do the same, and will post a good review for her.  I hope she will also sell on ebay and amazon.com.


From Book patch URL: http://www.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/exile/a02d07e3-82ae-4dab-942b-bed32f224566?isbn=9781620309575

EXILE cover image

4 thoughts on “Janet Phelan announces Exile–her life regarding corruption and intrigue

  1. This is real scary! America is becoming a Police State. Some readers think Phelan is a crackpot and a kook! But even that was the case, why has she been forced to flee the ‘USSA’ (as well as the late Bobby Fisher and Edward Snowden) to live in Mexico? Why are many Mexican migrants are returning to Mexico in recent times? Because America’s economy is bad? No, America’s economy is slowly recovering.It’s actually in better shape, than it was in the 1970’s. Then why are many good people leaving America in droves? Because America is becoming a Police State, like the former Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

    • I really don’t publish personal opinions and adverse commentaries about people. I will publish filed pleadings and affidavits tho which relate to corruption in the court system. I would encourage anyone who is vetting Janet Phelan to contact you directly regarding your personal opinions and experiences with her.

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