From Ken Ditkowsky–How it works. The fear of the miscreants

 It is my understanding that the Fed has some of the nursing home operators explaining to them and grand juries concerning the method of populating the nursing homes.  Hospice facilities are reported to be the actual subject of the grand jury investigation.
What is being investigated is most probably going on all over the country and is generating zillions of dollars for the guardians, hospital administrators, attorneys, and even some judicial officials.    The call for an investigation by NASGA, Probate Sharks, JoAnne Denison, and yours truly is very upsetting for if the public finds out what is going down gravy train will end.
As you are aware nursing homes while making tons of money, they only make money if enough victims are run through their facilities.    Any sick person is a potential victim in the era of Insurance and medicare.   As a practical matter certain insurance carriers do not like to pay even legitimate claims and some are very frugal.    Thus, the victim pool is not 100% but pared down to a select group.     Members of this group are targeted to be placed in specific nursing homes or facilities.  The rest of the infirm population the nursing home operators do not want!
Now assume a medicare or Medicaid patient is sick.    The patent falls into several categories:
1) the patient has a guardian
2) the patient has a vulnerable family (gullible, stupid, uninformed, or trusting)
3) the patient has a non-vulnerable family
4) the patient has no family or one that does not care
5) Misc.
Each of the 5 categories of patient is rated and the particular nursing or hospice facility vies for patients in 1, 2, and 4.    In the case of a Mary Sykes or Alice Gore the patient is pure profit.   The guardian is ‘hungry’ and under the present system all that is required in the way of treatment is to dope the patient up, stick her in a wheel chair in a hallway, and for PT move the chair close to the TV.   Under the present system the ‘soaking’ of the government is assured especially when Judges **** are presiding.
The residency of the patient is not obtained for free!    Inducements are offered to the decision makers.    Here is where the three categories of currency come into play.   The IRS want their share of loot!  (We call that taxes).    If traceable funds are in the picture the “commission” can create a problem.   The public official is accused of taking a bribe or a kickback.   The private doctor, attorney, et. al is accused of kickbacks.   HOWEVER, if the other type of currency is used the motto is ‘try proving it!’     
Thus, category 3 (opportunity ) is so heavily protected by Jerome Larkin and the IARDC.    Assume that I am a guardian (or the GAL version), who is going to look deep enough to ascertain if the nursing home operator sold me my home in Timbuktu at a discount of 100 dollars.   Who is going to notice if every month my mortgage payment is paid by X corporation?   Who is going to notice if my infant grandchild receives the job of nursing home administrator at a salary of x dollars per month.   Who is going to notice is I become GAL for Mary Sykes and if I share in the liquidation of Mary’s gold coins?
(To remind you – Category 1 is cash – this is taxable.  Category 2 is nursing home beds – a novice IRS agent will pick this up – so capital gains are paid when the bed is sold and 1099’s are attached to the return).   As category 3 is almost full proof – I suspect ****.
If you notice – Mr. Larkin became interested in me what I first mentioned category 3.   It reached a fever pitch when I mentioned casino.   I guess it is all a coincidence!
Harry – the words HONEST when coupled with Investigation are chilling!   When you add the words complete and comprehensive to our favorite miscreants terror is evident and the First Amendment is suspended.  To Larkin and his group those words are of the very same nature as yelling fire in a crowded theatre.   In JoAnne’s hearing the IARDC attorney actually made the equivalence.
Happy Easter!
Ken Ditkowsky

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