My blog is offically MISCONDUCT according to the IARDC

Dear Ken;

You are absolutely right, a 4 year suspension for speaking the truth is nothing but vindictive retaliation for tattling on the nefarious activities of favored attorneys and judges on the 18th floor.

And they still want to shut down my blog.  My blog is now officially MISCONDUCT.  I will publish the order on Monday.  My blog is the only one, it’s popular and people have come to trust and support it–50,000+ views in 2 years and all the ARDC wants to do is shut it down. I get new subscribers every week.  It’s nothing but a ridiculous “blame the media” action for the conduct of the favored ones.

From Disraeli:

“London owes everything to its press: it owes as much to its press as it does to its being the seat of government and the law.  The press is not only free, it is powerful. That power is ours. It is the proudest that man can enjoy. It was not granted by monarchs, it was not gained for us by aristocracies ; but it sprang from the people, and, with an immortal instinct, it has always worked for the people.

from Benjamin Disraeli, a great Jew and philosopher — during parliament–
the interruption of the hon. Gentleman reminds me of the words of a great writer, who said that “Grace was beauty in action.” Sir, I say that justice is truth in action. Truth should animate [any] opposition [to correct its behavior], and I hope it does animate this opposition’—–into correcting its behavior.


Original Message—–
From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 5, 2014 10:05 AM
To: JoAnne M Denison , Harry Heckert , yjd , j ditkowsky
Cc: Atty Sandra Stavrolpoulos Special Prosecutions Elder Abuse , Eric Holder , matt senator kirk , Mary Richards , mary wooley state police , Tim NASGA , NASGA , Diane Nash , probate sharks
Subject: Re: Remuneration that does not show up on the record

 It is time for law enforcement to convene a grand jury and find out why the IARDC is so protective of the predators who prey on the elderly and the disabled.   Why are they so upset by the call for an Honest complete and comprehensive investigation of Sykes, Gore, et. al cases?
The focus should be on Mr. Larkin as he is aware of the problem and has the administrative responsibility to protect the public.   It is suspicious that he has not said a word to either of us concerning the obvious denial of our Constitutional Rights.   He certainly has been informed of Judge Connor’s deposition!    He is aware of her strange statements.   The statements ipso facto suggest corruption, to wit:
1) an unbiased judge doing her job does not suggest to a litigant’s attorney to get another doctor [when the alleged disabled’s own long term physician refuses to sign one].
2) a judge should consider extra-judicial conversations between judges to dispose of a case as being wrong.
3) a judge admitting in an evidence deposition that the policy is to give the defendant a day in court and then hang him is contrary to just about every principle of American justice.
Yet – Larkin has the temerity to charge me with an ethical violation for complaining [openly] about this judge!!!   Four years suspension – had I stolen the judge’s wallet I would have gotten a six month suspension!
The public has a right to know why the IARDC protects the predator miscreants and not the public.  
Ken Ditkowsky

3 thoughts on “My blog is offically MISCONDUCT according to the IARDC

  1. If your blog represents MISCONDUCT, that sounds about right. Almost any search for justice in America today seems to get labeled “misconduct” by the powers in charge. You both are definitely in a very exclusive and wonderful club. I only wish that more Americans would wise up and join the Justice League too — before they too get slammed into roach-infested rest home and never know what hit them.

    • Wow. You hit the nail right on! great comment. And what I wonder is, my tribunal consisted of one guy apparently in his 40’s, another in his 50’s, and one right smack dab in the “target” zone of 60 to 70 or more!
      How they think they are immune to the problem is beyond me. I’m certain at the time the miscreants left the stand they were calculating ages and when they could target. The elderly gentleman for sure is a goner. Within months he too can have his own cozy, locked down nursing home–days after he writes his opinion about me. They were all well dressed, 2 were attorneys and most likely had assets. From the info I get from other blogs, these bottom feeding leeches do feed on one another with plenty of older attys in guardianships with fee draining court appointees.

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