NJ attorneys arrested for elder thefts–from Rosanna Miller


Rosanna Miller asserts this is proof that this is going on in and out of probate courts, right under everyone’s noses.
But she wonders how come the NJ Attorney General is prosecuting these crimes, while hundreds of thousands are missing from her own father and mother’s estate and no one seems to care.

In Illinois, we seem to have the same sort of problem with $1 million missing in Sykes, $9 million Drabik, $1.5 million Gore.  It’s just missing from the estates. And while many are voiciferous in complaining about all this money, nothing ever seems to get done–other than filing complaints against two attorneys asking where the money is or why no subpoenas were served on those involved.

And while it is great that NJ has done something about all those missing funds, still if you read the article carefully, the crimes were not just for a few months, but extended over about 6 years.  How many faxes, emails and letters had to be sent to the AIG in NJ for this type of investigation and action?  The article does not say.

So kudos to NJ and let’s home that there is some justice that is being assembled in Illinois for all our suffering probate victim families–Sykes, Gore, Drabik, etc.  The families that were ruined and traumatized by miscreants in the court.



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