From Ken Ditkowsky, leaving a club that isn’t worth it

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Subject: Re: A Message for you from NASGA Member RE: From Attorney Ken Ditkowsky RE: The latest in the attempt …
Date: Mar 17, 2014 9:02 PM
(this is from a question about suing in the Sup. Ct. of Illinois)
I have filed a Civil Rights suit in the Federal court.    The Court will not take an appeal from the Illinois Supreme Court, but it will address the private usage of state facilities to deny a citizen of his/her Civil Rights.    JoAnne Denison and I have filed such as lawsuit.
Under the Constitution only States can bring lawsuit in the Supreme Court; however, individuals have to file for cert.   Most cases are not accepted.     I did argue the case of Terrazas vs. Vance before the Supreme Court and there is a good possibility that the Supreme Court might take this case.   The reason it is a First Amendment case that has National implications.   We shall see.
The best avenue of approach is to get law enforcement to enforce the law.    The laws of most states are very good and protective of the elderly; however, the miscreants have taken the judiciary into their partnership and they wage war against the elderly and the infirm for fun and profit.    The GAO report and the reports that I have been getting all indicate a similar pattern:
1) the target elderly person is railroaded into a guardianship.   2) the elderly person is confined away from family and friends and stripped of their savings.   3) the elderly person is killed.    To be less brutal in my accusation I use the words:  retroactively aborted, or subjected to involuntary assisted suicide.    I call this ‘elder cleansing.’  
It appears that State lawyer disciplinary commissions are aiding and abetting this process.    Most lawyers are afraid of these commissions as they can be arbitrary and most seriously they have no holds barred.    For instance, in may case my Constitutional Rights were violated with impunity and no not one of the panels (or the Supreme Court of Illinois) gave a damn.     The Supreme Court of Illinois affirmed a decision that ruled that speech was not protected by the First Amendment!!!
Thank you for your kind thoughts.    As a citizen I have just begun to fight.    For the record, I invite anyone who desires to join with me.     It is sad when lawyers being paid over a 100,000 a year know less about the United States Constitution than pre-teens who want to go to high school.  
Ken Ditkowsky

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