From Ken Ditkowsky — the financial realities of the Nursing Home business

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Mar 14, 2014 9:22 AM
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Cc: NASGA , probate sharks , Jo Anne M Denison , Harry Heckert , j ditkowsky

To the elected representatives of the State of Illinois:
The family expense statute was intended by the legislature to protect families and creditors so that a rich husband could not leave his wife and children penniless.    Thus, a wife could charge her husband’s account for necessaries.    Today, it appears that the following scenario occurs, to wit:
A senior citizen gets sick.    The period of the hospital stay is slim or none and the senior is hauled off to a nursing home.    As you are well aware, many of the nursing homes are poorly run and it is not usual for the senior to be found in his/her own urine and in a zombie state.  (The zombie state being induced by drugs alleged administered to protect the patient!)     The cost of these facilities is more than a luxury vacation.   A semi private room $7,750, a private room $8,897 a sub acute room $15,314.00 and a sub acute private room $18, 724.00.    The profit margins are obscene.
As you are aware the above costs do not include drugs.    The recent Omicare scandal further augments the scenario.    An aspirin tablet is given a more profitable designation that commands a higher price and *****.    All that the trade will bear is the credo.
As soon as the insurance runs out – which is rather quickly – the seniors estate is hit for these costs.    If the senior is married, after the last dollar is dragged from the individual’s account the assets of the spouse become attractive.      Thus, the nursing home operators file a lawsuit pursuant to the Family Expense statute.    (This is a integral part of the war on the elderly).     The United States of America has taken away the incentive of the nursing home operator to settle the matter as it guarantees the nursing home operator 75% of the billing if the judgment is not collectible.    Thus the residual is another unconscionable drain on the assets of the elderly reducing as many to poverty as possible for the benefit of the fat cat nursing home operators.
It should be noted that the Insurance carriers receive huge discounts, but the private seniors pay retail.
Now when you couple this situation with the ‘elder cleansing’ cases (guardianship abuse, deprivation of liberty, financial exploitation, and assisted involuntary suicide) we have an intolerable situation that needs First to be fully investigated and Second to be remediated.
It is much easier and much more politically profitable to accommodate the nursing home moguls who give millions of dollars to political campaigns and who deliver hundred of sure fire votes; however, it is important to realize two principles:  1) we all get old; and 2) as we get old we become more and more vulnerable.    Take a look at in re: Mary Sykes 09 P 4585 to see an ongoing elder cleansing case.
N.B.    According Mr. Larkin at the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission it is unethical for my to author this e-mail or for any Attorney blogger to republish it.    The mention of the Mary Sykes case, the Alice Gore case or similar cases reflects badly on the Judges who were involved in those cases as well as certain guardian ad litem and therefore according to Mr. Larkin and ARDC  a lawyer cannot speak on the subject.    I personally disagree and assert my First Amendment rights.     Frankly, it my belief that the War on the elderly and disabled that is being actively waged by certain miscreants involves the commission of serious felonies and therefore we routinely copy law enforcement pursuant to 18 USCA section 4.   This instant e-mail has been forwarded as it contains a prayer for an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation.
Ken Ditkowsky

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