Now that the trial is over……

A few impressions from the last two days.

As you may or not know, trial is always a ton of stress.  You think about it constantly, you are constantly organizing, reading, checking cases, organizing them. (Which reminds me I should be sharing the first amendment cases on gdrive with all of you).  It’s basically like running a marathon each and every day.  It is stressful for both sides.  I’m not sure how the judges do, but I did see panel members checking cell phones not infrequently during my testimony.

In any case, Kathie did an excellent job, Yolanda did an excellent job and I think this was the first time two probate victims testified in front of the IARDC.  The panel did their best to dispel the Mary G Sykes probate case as just repeated sour grapes to Kathie and Yolanda, but I don’t think that got far.

I was on Bev Cooper’s Cooper’s corner yesterday and we talked a bit more about her mother’s case, Alice Gore, and Kathie Bakken was kind enough to send me the following link:

 which has more information on Alice Gore and all the horrors that happened to this family.
I am currently investigating two new cases and can use volunteers to go down to court, get me copies of the files and scan the documents in so we call discuss them.
John Wyman is doing all right now.  After his mother died, he had to undergo surgery for colon cancer for a number of polyps.  Now, he needs a hip replacement, so please continue to pray for him.  He has figured out how to pay the taxes on his mother’s home–a home that the GAL tried to sell for attorneys fees.  He is still trying to put his life back together and deal with the Rockford home which now needs substantial repairs and clean up.  Please pray for him.
And I would like to thank Nejla for all her hard work on my trial. She did a great job and I appreciate all that she did.  Her specialty is criminal law and immigration and she is a wonderful, wonderful lawyer who cares a whole lot.
And remember, if you need help and no attorney will help or listen, Ken and I are there for you. We have absolutely no intention of stopping our work or ignoring courtroom abuse victims.  So call us, talk to us if you have concerns.


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